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    Experience with Ultima Gear?

    Hey guys! Just wondering if Ultima gear is any good. Osgear has an awesome sale on it. (50% off) but i got to admit im a little skeptical since its so cheap. ($50 tren, $30 anavar) just wondering if anyone has tried it.
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    First cycle results so far. (Have to share with someone lol)

    Im new to the forum and just want to share some of my first cycle results. Ive been wanting to share my results with someone since my wife is the only person who knows im cycling and she doesn't want to hear about it lol. I figured ill share it on the forum what the hell 😀 Anyways heres the...
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    Severe leg cramping on my first ever cycle. Please Help!

    Dear Dylan Gemelli (or anyone else that can help me with advice): I just wanted to start by saying thank you for all the information and videos you do on youtube. I am a fan, subscriber, and customer through the SarmsX site, so thank you very much I've learned a lot and still continue...