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    Broke my right clavicle (collar bone)

    Dam that fuckin sucks bro. Not to be negative but if they don't set it and screw and plate properly it can be a bitch to get it healed right. Listen to the docs and rehab it like they say bro.
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    New Member

    Welcome to the botherhood my man. You've come to the right place for some of the best advice available. You are the perfect age to start your first TRT regiment and it seems like you are devoted to doing it right and safe way.
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    Need advice from my Bro's....

    I do have bloods. However, they are not here in from of me. I will post them when I get home. Cut me some slack Dylan. Im from the old school
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    Need advice from my Bro's....

    Honestly bro I have never PCT'd. However, after gaining a lot of knowledge from you and the other bros. I think I should.
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    Need advice from my Bro's....

    Oh my bad guys... Age: 39 Ht: 66" Wt:168 (goal is 160 ) BF: 15% (about two months ago on calipers) I think it may be slightly lower now... Currently training 4 on 1 off... High rep 20-30 mins cardio
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    44 y/o "Fat guy" looking to shed some BF

    Dam Rick.. you never disappoint bro... I may try that stack at the end of summer myself....
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    Need advice from my Bro's....

    Summer is almost here... Or if you live in NC like I do. The summer months are almost here, but the cold weather remains. Those who know a little about me know that I keep my stacks low and mild. I wanted to run this by you all and get input. The summer stack: 100mg Primo 1xweek 125mg Test Cyp...
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    Welcome to the forum
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    New member

    Welcome to the brotherhood Chi-Tanic. Great first post. That's one hell of a stack. What are you goals?
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    54 year old male introduction:

    Welcome to the brotherhood Tommy.
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    Robo and Pharma Lady Gains!!!

    That's one hell of an arsenal big mike. Good luck on stage bro.
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    Steroid buying

    You may want to try and get to know the brotherhood before asking for a source in your first post. Not only is it disrespectful to the other members. Its raises a red flag on your intentions. This is not a meathead site all about pushing gear bro.
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    Thigh or Glute pin for first time?

    If this is your first time pinning I would say glute. Its easy for me to say that because its the only place I've ever pinned besides the stomach when running H. However, like Dylan said its where ever you feel more comfortable with. I saw that you are having trouble rotating to see where you...
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    Steroid age

    @ Gearhunter. You bring up a good point my man. And its great to see someone point that out. I grew up as an 80's child and 90's adolescent when personal fitness was in its infant stage and the science of health and fitness was way off base. Who out there my age remembers your parents saying...
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    Where has this site been all my life!

    Hello All, I would like to introduce myself. I have been watching Dylan's videos for a couple months and finally decided to join the club. I am extremely impressed with his knowledge and approach to the educational aspects of his vids. I've tried to join other sites and was always...