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    Sarms at border

    Anyone had issues bringing sarms into the USA? Heading to Vegas from Canada today and not sure if I should just leave them at home and miss 3 days or any side if they were to check my pills?
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    Cycle vs blast/cruise

    Hey guys, I’ve read some mixed reviews on this subject so thought I’d ask you experts. I’m coming off a 12 week cycle of test E @ 500mg per week and last 4 weeks @ 60mg per day of anavar. My intention is to run my standard pct then run a sarm bridge. I’ve been reading some reviews on just...
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    Planning cycle

    I just ended a cycle of 500 mg per week of test e and last 4 weeks of anavar 60mg per day. Results were great. Running my pct soon then doing a sarm bridge cycle Dylan recommended. Once I’m done that I want to plan my next cycle to cut for a photo shoot in Feb. I leaned out a lot on this cycle...
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    Bridge cycle

    Looking for advice on bridge cycle. Good idea or bad? Coming off 12 week cycle of 400 mg of test e per week and last 4 weeks with 60mg of anavar per day. Have my pct of clomid / Ostarine to run next. I’ve never bridged a cycle before but read sarms are a good idea to run after pct. coming off a...
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    S4 with test

    Curious if anyone has run S4 with a Test cycle. I can’t find much info on it, but curious if that would be an alternative in a cut cycle compared to stacking test with Var or Winny?
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    Test cycle to cut

    Looking to do another test cycle to cut. I've run a cycle before of 500mg per week of Test E. I've heard adding either Winstrol or Anavar will aid in a good shred. Which would you recommend adding to a Test cycle for a cut? I'm 6', 215 lbs, appx 18% BF, lifting for 7 years.
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    Test E Question

    How long after last injection does it typically take for Test E to not show up on a drug test if that drug test is testing for steroids? TIA
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    Sore balls on test

    I'm on week 4 of Test E 350 mg per week pinning twice a week. Was planning on adding DGA at week 11 as Dylan suggested. At the 2 week mark my balls started to ache. That's been going on for a week. My trainer said I should blast with HCG. I took 500 iu a week ago, did nothing then he suggested...
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    Time off

    I'm running a 12 week cycle of Test E 300mg every 6 days. After that and I run my PCT is it recommended to wait longer before starting another cycle or safe to jump back in once PCT is finished?
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    1st test injection

    Finally got my gear and took my first 250mg shot of Test E yesterday. Felt like a beast in the gym today. Is it possible I'm actually feeling the effects already? OR probably just a mental push? I thought it took at least a week to start feeling anything from it.
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    First test cycle

    Hey everyone, I'm planning on taking the jump from SARMS to Test. My last cycle of SARMS was 12 weeks of 25mg MK2866 and 60mg of S4 per day. I've also done a couple cycles of just RAD140 as well. I had good results on it. I'm interested in going over to try test for a number of reasons. I...
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    Anavar with SARMS

    Sorry if this is a dumb questions, but it's been bugging me to ask and I can't seem to find any info on it. I know it is not advised to take Anavar only cycles and Anavar should only be taken stacked with test... but what about taking Anavar with SARMS? I know SARMS , particularly RAD140, is...
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    End of cycle pics

    Just finished up a 12 week cycle of MK2866, S4, and Cardarine. Posting some before and afters. Definitely put on some decent size and leaned out...Diet could have been better, but still pretty happy with the results. Thanks for all the info as always everyone! FYI: blue shirt pic is start of...
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    female stack Var or Sarms?

    Hey all, My wife was taking a cycle of MK2866 and GW and was liking it a lot. She got an injury and has been off for a few weeks and is wanting to do a 6 week cut before vacation now. She is looking into Anavar as well and wondering your opinions for a female what a better cutting option is...
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    I know most people have a super strong opinion on this, and no I'm not planning on doing it, but more curious on all you experts opinions. I've talked to lots of guys who have done Anavar only cycles and have said they had amazing success with it. Most of them didn't even run a PCT after it...
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    First test cycle

    I've done cycles of SARMS for a couple years now and looking at potentially running my first test cycle. I'm sure this is posted somewhere here, but is there a link to the best protocol to running a first test cycle? Stats: 31 215 lbs Appx. 15% bf Training for 6 years
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    Wait time after pct?

    Just on my last week of cycle of MK2866- 25 mg per day S4 - 50 mg per day Starting my mini PCT of clomid soon. Once done the 4 weeks of Clomid, how long should I wait before I start another cycle? I've heard some say right away and some say take as long off as you were on cycle. TIA everyone.
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    Quick question for Cardarine: I know dosing says take 30 min before work out. Should this still be taken on non- work out days? or is that a waste? TIA
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    Female sarm cycle

    Hey everyone, My wife is planning to take a Sarm cycle and I wanted to check on a few things. She's never taken anything like this. I know dosing should be different for her v.s. what I take. Her plan is to do a 10 week cycle before our vacation. She is recent off breast enhancement surgery...
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    Next Cycle

    Looking at running a stack for a cut: I'm 6', 217 lbs, Appx 15% BF, Been training for 5 years week 1-12 Ostarine - 25mg per day S4- 50mg per day Cardarine - 20mg per day Week 13-16 mini PCT Clomid Anything I'm missing?