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    Difference in proviron packaging

    I was curious if anyone knew if either of these might be faked or if there was just a packaging change. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    anyone try yk11 yet? seems promising. any plans on sarmsx possibly carrying it?
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    Anyone Have Tren No Ester AND Pharmaceutical Deca?

    I didn't want to ask every source here for a list. So anyone have both?
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    Just curious if anyone carries injectable adrenaline?
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    Question on Gyno

    So I've started to realize I'm one of those unfortunate people who are gyno sensitive. I've gotten nipple soreness and bumps under the nipples every cycle. I've gotten blood tests before and I've always managed to keep my E in check. But when I drop down to cruise all goes away. The soreness is...
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    Which blood test to get?

    As stated, I'm trying to figure out what blood test to get from privatelabsmd. I've gotten labs before and was able to find the test that is uncapped for your total testosterone, but my free testosterone was capped. So I'm hoping someone on here can shoot me a link for a test that shows...