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    Advanced Cycle Before and After

    Hi, As promised in my original thread, I'm attaching before and after pics for my cycle (original post from Jan 24th: Legit advanced cycle prep; best SARMs to complement a beautiful stack?). I followed Dylan's stack advice and these are the results on week 13, the results have been exactly...
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    Legit advanced cycle prep; best SARMs to complement a beautiful stack?

    Hello people As I've tried sarms, and I know how good they are (thanks in part to Dylan's great work getting the info out there), I'll be running my first steroid/sarm stack. I'm putting together my first advanced cycle (I've averaged 7 cycles over the past 5 years, 5 steroid, 2 sarm). Unlike...
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    Beautiful 1st Stack: LGD 4033 + MK 677 What next??

    Hi all, Its week 6 of my first foray into SARMS (I have done a few roid cycles in previous years) and it's going great. I'm 38, in good shape and I'm seeing modest yet significant increases in strength, endurance and definition. I've added at lease 4 lbs lean mass. Dosing LGD 4033 8mg p/d +...
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    Advice Request: Ideal Cycle for GR Wrestling/Grappling/MMA

    Hello everyone, first post here. Great site Dylan, videos are amazing many thanks. Would be great to get some useful opinions on this alternative but increasingly popular subject; Ideal AAS for martial arts. An ideal cycle for a combat athlete would likely be something that produces some...