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    Deca and b6

    What?s up guys? My upcoming cycle is gonna be weekly. Test 400 EQ 600 Deca 300 Aromasin 12.5 EOD I have caber already on hand but was wondering if vitamin b6 would be enough for the Deca? If so at what dosing protocol? Thanks
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    cbbram 5 star service - 1-Stop Domestic Shop

    Sorry guys unsure how to put pictures on here or I would. Anyway just wanted you all to know if you are looking for a smooth domestic purchase Cbbram is your man. Hit him up on Christmas Day to place order and received it yesterday. That’s lightning fast considering two holidays and a weekend in...
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    Bloodwork results

    What’s up guys. I just got my bloodwork back and my liver values came back elevated. Ran a cycle 3 months ago and incorporated dbol. It wasn’t my first cycle but was my first time running an oral so I suspect it is the reason. I ran cycle support but I guess dbol won. Could you guys please...
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    Domestic source suggestions

    So it looks like my international run is gonna have to come to an end. I’m all out of addresses to use so I just can’t chance placing another order overseas. Can you guys recommend me the most reliable easiest to use domestic source? Thanks in advance. I’ve always used pharmacom and they have...
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    Cycle critiques please

    What’s up everyone! Created my account a few years ago and have been doing a lot of reading since. I just read all the stickies at the beginning of the forum so I’ll do my best to help you guys help me. You guys were very specific about “no such thing as TMI” so I’ll give you my life story and...
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    Bloodwork Question

    I was taking 500mg test E per week and stopped at the end of week 7. The reason I stopped is because my doctor wants to start me on TRT. He is waiting for me to get my bloodwork done but I need to make sure when I get it done my levels aren't still elevated from my cycle. How long after my last...
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    AI dosing help

    Dylan, Been following you on YouTube for long time now and appreciate all the info you share and the help you offer. So here's where I'd love your advise. I'm running a test e cycle right now 500mg/week and aromasin 12.5mg eod. I went from feeling great week 4 to feeling off week 5 so I got...
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    Need help reading liquid labels

    Ok guys so i'm new to using gear and sarms and it seems like all dosages are mg but all the bottles come in ml. So I looked up the conversion but it seems to be a math equation for a rocket scientist. Basically I want to make sure I am reading these bottles the way I think they are meant to read...
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    1st cycle help

    Ok Dylan, after coming to you a while back you set me strait by suggesting some guidelines. I followed your advise and wanted to let you know where I am at as well as seek advise from you as well as the other knowledgeable members on here. I am 35 years old, 5'11", 180 lbs, 12% bf. I went to the...
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    Post cycle therapy questions

    Dylan, I sure hope you get this email and are willing to respond because I am pretty lost here and could use some assistance from someone knowledgeable on the subject. I came across your youtube video while searching online for information about blocking estrogen. I am getting ready to take a...