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    Cycle advice

    Looking for some advise/knowledge for my next cycle... Stats: 27(28 in September) Height: 5?9 Weight: 180 BF: 13-14% (lowering to 12 before I go on cycle) With this stay at home thing in my state going on right now, I?m not planning on doing a cutting cycle this year because of the unknowns...
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    Questions on that Superman stack on Sarms4Sale

    Just wondering how it would be used.. is it an everyday thing along with your cycle? Or is it an as needed. Debating on if I want to go with some cialis 20mg or use the Sarm Superman Stack... Thoughts? I?m be running some gear on this cycle.. Test E Tren E EQ GW Provirion
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    Sarms4sales td

    Just here to share my experience. Placed order late last week. Product just arrived today (3 bottles of GW). Let me start off by saying Ashley has been helpful throughout the whole process. I made a mistake on address and she fixed it within minutes. Now on to the product, the product arrived...
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    Help with calorie intake

    For starters: 27yrs old 183Lbs 13-14% 5?9 I am looking to get back to my 190-195LBS and be around 10-11% BF again I am trying to figure out my fats, protein, carb intake without losing any mass but lowering body fats. I?ll be start a fresh cycle of some Test/ Tren/ EQ/ GW once the gym opens...
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    1-Stop Domestic Shop- IWGF comes through yet again

    Just let me start off by saying him and the team are great people. I?ve talked to most of the reps about advice and just lists and all respond very quickly. This will be my 6th order with this company and let me tel you. Service is awesome, response to delays are handled accordingly, Product= if...
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    Caber Domestic US?

    Looking to get a hold of 12 tabs of Caber. Right now my guy is out and I’d like to Get some before I start my cycle. Any help would be great.
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    Looking for advise on 2nd cycle

    Age 27 5’9 185 Took my first cycle of just Test E and I really enjoy it but I’m looking to start another cycle. Want to know what’s best for more size and definition. Any help? Blood work is fine just want some advise on what a good stack would be.
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    How long will my 5000 IU last of Pubergen

    Hey guys, so I’m throwing in HGC into my test E cycle just as a protocol. But I wanted to know how long it’ll last me. I’ve read some say you can freeze it and it’ll last my whole 10 weeks or some say you need to throw it away after 30 days. Any tips on this? Thought. Wondering if I need to...
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    Question-can’t find pin supplier

    Been looking at websites for pins, can’t seem to find a letgit place that can give me 18 and 23-25 gauge snap offs so I don’t have to buy them serpertaly, if this isn’t the place I was suppose to post this please move. Just looking for something reliable and legit. My local stores are lame and...
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    New. Looking for advice/ knowledge Hey everyone. New here. Just recently started doing my research on doing my first cycle. I haven’t made any purchases due to skeptical reasons with reviews from some places. Little bit about me: been in and out of the gym since I was 16(now 25). I’m 5’9...