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    TJ dillashaw Positive for EPO??

    Dylan, can you do a video talking about EPO? What is it and what does it do?
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    Lidocaine Patch experiences

    Can anyone give their experience using Lidocaine patches. Also, would it be a good idea to use on top of PIP, say a glute, or bicep, or would that just complicate things and make things worse?
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    Hgh pip?

    does injecting hgh into the belly give anyone PIP? or slight bruise feeling?
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    Popped my cherry

    Just took my first hit of Sustanon in the deltoid (21g was the only size i had that would draw it up) I got a lil bit of a PIP (took a few hours to feel), but it feels good. I feel initiated. I have joined the brotherhood. A knight at the round table. Welcome me brothers. :cool::cool:
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    Questions about HCG. Where does Dylan stand?

    Looking to hear Dylan's stance on HCG in lieu of the recent YouTube videos by the Spartan claiming that PCT is NOT necessary if you take HCG simultaneously and in conjunction with your Test. Please, let us know the facts.
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    New to Forum (Diagnosed Hypogonadism) Labs included. Looking for advice

    Hey, what's up guys, some specs: 29 year old male, 6'0, 175lb, former athlete. Last summer I was diagnosed with hypogonadism by my endocrinologist (labs below) and I was treated with Androgel for a period of 6 months. You can see that for the first 3 months the gel didn't really take, although...