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    Could these be side effects?

    I have been getting everything from sarmsforsale since they launched. Been doing the S4, GW and SR stack. The past month+ Ive broken out all over my chest spreading over my shoulders, almost like a rash/acne looking breakout. Ive never ever had any issues with acne and rarely even get a...
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    Female Second cycle advice

    Hey everyone. I?m about to start my second cycle in a few days. I went with dylans stack advice with GW, Sten and S4. I?m still looking to cut about 10lbs. If I wanted to add on some muscle particularly in my legs, could I add in MK or a bulking sarm in 4 wks or so? Or should I just focus on...
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    1st Cycle (female)

    Hi I’m almost 4 months postpartum and this will be my first cycle. I just want to make sure I have the dosing right. I’ve ordered Card and Ost so should I take both together on the same day or alternate each day? I’ve heard both. Starting with 5mg of each? Or should I do 10 of GW and 5 of MK...