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  1. JM750

    Shout out to Valhalla labs

    Placed my 1st order with valhalla. Got some test and deca. Ordering was very easy. The communication with me and my order was superb! pmt option worked well for me. My order came very, very fast! The looks of the gear is nice. It is very smooth. The sustanon has a very little bite of pip, but...
  2. JM750

    shout out to Hipocampus

    placed an order for some hcg and proviron. communication was great. A small mishap, but hipo took care of it right away and took care of me as well. This is the 3rd time i have ordered, and it is very painless and packaging is nice. You need to try him out. God stuff!! Thank you Sir!!
  3. JM750

    My take on Dylans delt ant trap work out

    I watched Dylans video last night. Thought it was awesome. So tonight is my delt night. I followed his regiment to a T. I def could not do 90lb dumbell pressed. So kudos to you there D. I will tell you that i got an incredible pump and muscle failure. I got such a great work out, i could barely...
  4. JM750

    Poppin in to say "HI"

    Well, I had to take a couple months off after my Brothers suicide. It really fucked me up. I just needed some time to myself to get my head clear. I didn't resort to booze or drugs. In fact, I got a new training partner and been killing it at the Gym! So I'm going to try to spend a bit more time...
  5. JM750

    My Brother killed himself today....

    This is not a thread for sympathy. I just want to put this up here so that I can at least get a little encouragement and strength from you guys. 3 months ago, my younger brother Barry took a contract job in south carolina. Him and his wife lived in New Hampshire. The plan was for them to...
  6. JM750

    Need insite on pct

    So i have been blasting and cruising for 3.5 yrs. im 52 as well. So my body is telling me to come off for a while. So i am in week 2 of a clomid and nolva regiment. Im actually worried a bit that i wont fully recover. But i only have myself to blame. So what i want to do is get bloods done...
  7. JM750

    O/T They found her alive!! This made my day.

    Not sure if you guys saw this amber alert yesterday, but 9 yr old Carlie Trent was taken out of her school in Tenn yesterday by an uncle of hers. He kidnapped her. Prior to the kidnapping, he was seen on video at Walmart buying bikini underwear, lipstick, and nail polish. I'm sure you can...
  8. JM750

    Shout out to Hipo

    Need to give a shout out to hipo. I placed an order for some HCG and proviron. Communication was good. Transaction was good. The pack landed and the goods look great. Thanks again Brother.
  9. JM750

    Tripple X Stack Review (pre work out)

    Well I finally got ahold of the triple X stack. I used it for a pre work out tonight. I took 1-1/2 ml's (not telling you to do this) and waited a good half hr. I don't normally blast arms, but that was my routine tonight, and OMFG what a pump I got. I actually felt stronger and really kicked...
  10. JM750

    Shout out to Dylan

    Hey Brother, just wanted to publicly Thank you for always helping me out when needed! You always come thru Bro. thank you Sir!!
  11. JM750

    Well this is very interesting

    So I was doing a little research on the net and it was telling you some simple signs of a person who has been exposed to high amounts of testosterone. and it said that if your ring finger is longer than your index finger, chances are you have been exposed to high levels of test. So here's mine...
  12. JM750

    Happy new year

    I want to wish everyone here a great and safe Happy New yr. Lets hope that 2016 can bring us more gains, less hatred in the world, Peace and Happiness. If you are going out to party tonight, please be safe. Don't drink and drive. Have a nice time. I don't really have any New years resolutions...
  13. JM750

    Does your other half know about your AAS use?

    I'm not sure if this subject has been talked about here already, but how many of you have to hide your use or are comfortable with letting your other half know about your AAS use? I know that in the public eye, we are all frowned upon using steroids. There is no right or wrong answer for this...
  14. JM750

    On a scale of 1-10 Rate AR

    Ok, so I have been on many AAS forums. Some were good, some started out good, then went bad. Some are scams, some filled with assholes, and some have leaders that just plain suck. Some had good sponsors, and some had bad ones. So on a scale of 1-10. Please rate AR. 1 (being horrible) 10 (being...
  15. JM750

    Injection question

    I have always wondered this. Say you inject a 3cc amount of oil into your glute, and where ever, how long does it take to dissipate? Meaning for the oil to be all absorbed.
  16. JM750

    Trestelone Acetate (GP MENT)

    I had a few 20 ml vials of this stuff from pure-oils and loved it. They do not stock it anymore. Does anyone here know who has any that is legit? I will not just buy it off any old web site on the net.
  17. JM750

    Pure essence eye candy!

    I got to thank mr dylan for the great hook up on my sarms stack that he put together for me. I honestly never ran a stack like this. Here is the protocol he gave me: 1-12 rad140 20 mg day dosed once a day in the a.m. 1-12 sr9009 30 mg day... 5 mg split doses 2-3 hours apart 1-12 S4 50 mg...
  18. JM750


    placed an order with him to get a few things. Communication was excellent. payment was a lil funky cause the clerk fucked it up on me. hippo told me about what the problem was. I went and corrected it. Then all went thru. Time to get my goods was super fast for where it was coming from. And the...
  19. JM750

    Sleep apnea

    Ok. I started this thread as id like to hear your stories of sleep apnea. I have done 2 sleep studies. Both said i had it mild but i never really slept well with all the wires hooked up to me. I wake up in the am every day and feel like i never even slept. Is this how it was for you? And did a...
  20. JM750

    The Official 911 cover up thread

    Ok, I'll kick this off by placing a couple of links for you guys to explore. Lets stay Civil on our opinions please. I welcome any and all comments. If you have links or any information to contribute, by all means, post in this thread. It can be links for any cover up's or links that try to show...