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    OK to mix liquid sarms?

    This morning I squirted it into about an ounce of water, used a Nyquil cup. Went down perfectly
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    OK to mix liquid sarms?

    So I've been on my current cycle for a week. Got my sarms from I noticed the alcohol really burns when I take it. It's getting bad- it's burning tissue off the inside of my lips and mouth. It's very uncomfortable to take now and my mouth is constantly dry. Anyone have similar...
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    Ostarine, RAD 140, Cardarine

    So I took my first dose this morning of this cycle- GW 501516, SR 9009, S4 and MK 2866. And it figures, halfway through my first set of sumo deadlifts tonight I felt a pull in my right groin muscle. Had a similar injury on the left leg last year. Had to stop all lower work, including boxing...
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    Ostarine, RAD 140, Cardarine

    Hey Dylan, I'm planning on running this same cutting cycle- I've had great results from GW and S4. Also will add MK 2866 for the healing aspects and general good mood it gave me before. Couple questions: - 25 mg a day for MK 2866? - what purpose does the DGA POST CT serve? - do you prefer...
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    Esarms S4 reviews

    I just finished a 12 week cycle. No vision issues at all, even when I went up to 75mg the last couple week. I really noticed the muscle hardening. I got mine from esarms.
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    Sarms1 S4

    Get a 1 ml oral syringe. Much more exact than the droppers. Amazon sells a 100 pack for around $10.
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    I had great results using cardarine from esarms
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    Ped’s for healing

    Maybe MK 677
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    Good sarms recomp?

    Dylan, what do you think of adding LGD 4033 to the above stack or substituting it for MK 2866? I've been looking at the enhanced recomp stack at esarms, which is GW 501516, MK 2866, LGD 4033, S4, MK M1 and Cardazol. I ask because I didn't see any appreciable size gains from MK 2866. But I did...
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    Cardarine and cardazol

    I took 20mg in the morning. After about a week, I noticed increased cardiovascular stamina. After two weeks it was significant and I kept improving week to week. After a couple weeks I also saw increased recovery in between sets of lifting.
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    Esarms Cardarine

    Get some 1ml oral syringes. Makes measuring your dose very easy and more exact than the droppers. They are dirt cheap on Amazon.
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    Dylan Gemelli Censored!: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Thank, Dylan for all the work and great info you provide. It sucks that they're trying to censor you. Good luck with the new platform.
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    So today was my last day of the cycle and I got a follow up Dexa scan this morning. Overall, I'm disappointed with the results. After 12 weeks of MK 2866 and GW 501516 I gained 1 pound of lean muscle mass. I'm not sure what I did wrong. I worked out consistently, took in about 1 gr protein per...
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    Day 1, just took my first dose! Thanks for the advice Dylan and for putting so much good info out thru your videos. They're the best out there on sarms. For the M1 MK, should I break the 7 capsules up throughout the day?
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    Thanks, Dylan. I thought about MK 677 for the healing effects, but don't won't to deal with water retention or increased appetite. Eating enough is not a problem. Do you think I'm missing any benefits by not running MK 677?
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    I'm 44 years old and have trained for years, not always as consistently as I'd like. I'm a former Army officer (infantry and military intelligence). My civilian gov job requires me to deploy, so I need to be in shape and able to take care of myself. I haven't trained much in the past two...