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    What kind of multivitamin y?all take these days? I?ve been taking Animal Pack for the longest but looking to switch to something preferably with less pills.
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    PCT after cycle and TRT

    Hi everyone, I?m sure this question has been asked before; I just finished up a 16 week cycle of Test, Deca, and EQ. I also took Proviron and Armidex with this cycle. I did my last pin this Friday. Next Friday, I?m going to start doctor prescribed TRT (90mg). My questions are; 1 - Is PCT not...
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    Pharmalady TD

    I wanted to give a shout out to PL for the excellent customer service and super lightening shipping. I put the order in on January 7th and my package was shipped the next day on January 8th. I received it today! I don’t know about y’all, but 7 days from date of order till date of receipt....from...
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    Next Cycle

    I’m currently on PCT and planning the below for my next cycle....for mass and also strength. Im also doing the cycle for 12 weeks. Please let me know what you guys think... Anadrol - 50mg/day (only for the first 4 weeks) Test C - 400 mg/wk Deca - 400mg//wk Primo - 600mg/wk I will also be...
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    Cycle Suggestions/critique

    I’m also considering the below 10 week cycle. Please let me know what you guys think... Test C - 250 mg/wk Tren A - 200mg/wk Proviron - 40mg/day 1 - Is the dosage for all three sufficient? 2 - Should I start all three at the same time or start with Test C and add the other two few weeks...
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    HGH cycle

    Hi DG! Looking for your recommendations or suggestions for first HGH cycle. It will be my first time using HGH. I’m planning on to start at 2iu per day and probably increase it...but not looking to go above 3iu per day. How long should I be on it? Is 5 days a week ideal? I want to stack it with...
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    Pharma Lady SARMs TD!

    Hello everyone!! I wanted to share some information regarding SARMs order from Pharma Lady. I want to give a shout out to CBBRAM for facilitating my order! I submitted my order on December 13th and received it here in the US today (January 7th). So it took 25 days to get it. There were two...
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    HGH and Testosterone for chronic back pain

    Hello experts....and Happy New Year! I’ve a question for y’all. I tweaked my lower back about 10 years ago doing squats. I was in a tremendous pain...walking and sitting were painful to say the least! I went to the ER and gave me pain killers and steroid to decrease the swelling and pain. It...
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    2nd SARMS Cycle

    Hi Dylan: I completed my first ever SARMS cycle (S4 and LGD for 12 weeks) and the results were amazing. I’m currently on first week of PCT (will be on PCT for 4 weeks total). What do you recommend for my next SARMS cycle? Also, how soon can I start the cycle after I finish my PCT? My goal is...
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    SARM for pre-workout

    Hi Dylan: What’s a good SARM to use as a pre-workout supplement? I’ve used a number of pre-workout supplements sold over the counter and yet to find the one that gives me clean energy without the jitters and/or crash. I’ve seen in one of the threads that GW is a good option. What is your...