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    IWGF does it again

    Once again. Speedy service, available for any questions. Fast delivery and great products. I really enjoy the peak performance oil. It is my first time using it and it is SUPER SMOOTH!!! Thanks again. Always a pleasure doing business with you man.
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    TD great service once again from IWGF

    . First time trying EU products have run axio in the past. I always use IWGF. Every single time I need anything. He always works with me and is fast and accommodating, the products are always, always, always on point. Thanks again my man. Looking forward to working with you as always...
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    Big Steve show prep VICON official log.

    First pin tonight running Test Cyp, EQ, Tren Ace, and mast E. Winny last 6 weeks. Doses Tren Ace: 350mg per week (I wanted 600mg... I know don’t bother telling me it’s suicide but I’ve run higher) may fluctuate later on but 350 was the dose my coach recommended. Eq: 600mg per week Test...
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    Eq without test?

    I’m a decently experienced user but I’m not one to experiment and screw around when I’m out of my element. I was one of three members chosen to test run the new lab VICON from IWGF and 9th wonder. I’m not so arrogant to the point where I think I know everything. If I have a question I’m going...
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    VICON my log

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    Vicon labs

    I was one of the three lucky members to participate in the free cycle loyalty program from IWGF and 9th wonder. I received the majority of my chosen cycle, the rest will be with me shorty and I will post pics. What I can say is that the gear looks very legit, the packaging is official and the...
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    Thanks again axio. Show, May 26th final product.

    I have my second competition of the season Saturday May 26th. So I’m 3-4 days out however you wanna look at it. But holy shit guys I’ve been using axio for my cycle test, tren, several orals. As some of you know I won my competition last month. Added some axio mast and tweaked my doses a bit...
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    AXIO Any doubters? Shoutout to IWGF & 9th wonder

    This is a shout-out to IWGF & 9th wonder... this is my number one, absolute, A1 go to source for anything and everything. You absolutely cannot beat the quality product or speedy, overly attentive service. These guys have more then worked with and accommodated me... time and time again. The...
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    Perfect service once again with IWGF

    Picked up a few more things for my show prep. Once again great communication, speedy service, and A1 product as always. My go to source, always a pleasure. Thanks once again for the amazing service fellas. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    IWGF as solid as they come

    So here’s the deal. I reached out to IWGF. For some Axiolabs letro on the fly due to a Gyno flare up (I had AI on hand. Turns out it’s bunk). It was getting pretty out of hand and I’m in pain. I ask him if it’s possible to ship it that day. I know they have a lot going on and I typically...
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    So I’m looking at t3 because I’m in the process of setting up a cycle for a show I have in May. I’ll be doing men’s physique. I’ve never been big on playing with things I don’t know much about. For some reason the idea of screwing with my thyroid has always terrified me, though with thus...
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    IWGF & 9th wonder TD

    Wanted to try the axio line out for my show prep cycle. Won’t be starting till the end of February but everything looks official as fuck. Always a pleasure. Very fast shipping, always very easy to deal with. Thanks guys this is just the bulk of what I need I’ll be getting more before I...
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    Titan TD

    Got order in 2 days... smooth transaction and great prices. Very well conducted business and always answer questions when I had them. Will post pics when I get a chance.
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    Drug tested physique competition

    Do you think you can pass the piss test running just straight test at a TRT dose for a tested competition?
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    LABS md

    Anyone ever use labsmd as opposed to privatemdlabs? I've never used labs md but they run through quest which is literally right across the street from where I live and much more convenient. I guess I can go through labcorp if I have to but I'd like to get some bloods done and just curious if...
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    Pharmatren 50

    Got two of these recently, amazing product. Thanks you tazz for staying in contact and keeping me updated. The product itself is great hits you fast since it is in fact water based suspension. I did 1.5cc in the left pec literally zero pip none. A little sore the next day but that's to be...
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    Kettlebell training

    So one of the biggest dudes at my gym and I were talking today. I see him there every single day and rarely ever see him lift a single weight. The dude is always in the "shred room" which has the kettlebells, battle ropes, and other various things for more endurance based workouts. He is...
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    Thanks miss Ny!!!

    I received a little package in the mail from miss NY the queen of Valhalla, thank you so much you know me so well. A nice addition for my cruise plus next cycle!! You guys are the best. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Another one down...

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    Why I hate planet fitness

    I go to a gym that's been around since the 70's, the equipment is older, in my community not many people are into fitness. The people here are either fat and lazy or drug addicts. Basically anyone whose on pretty good shape you will see at one of two local gyms, I chose mine because it's 5...