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    I am currently running LGD alone in my recomposition to see what a SARM alone would do to my body. Then I would like to add S4 or RAD 140 on it's own without any stack. Which one would you advice me? I know S4 is so versatile... I have a thread here when I dropped bf% and now I am lean bulking...
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    ADN Results

    I have done my DNA test and I have received them and I would HIGHLY suggest everyone should take them because they will help you a lot!!! I will implement those in my Transformation and Recomping Cycle even though many things I have already figured by learning how my body reacts!
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    Transformation Recomposition

    Hello guys. I've been here and I've received some advice and I decided 2 weeks ago to starting my cutting phase. I've been struggling with adding lean tissue since I've some health problems with my cortisone and my body fat was not ideal or low enough. My initial stats: Height: 5ft11 Weight...
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    What should I do

    Hey guys. I have been following the forum but did not participate recently But now I have a decision to make... I don't know what should I do with my diet, training and supplement regime. I'll post a picture without flexing and you could give me some advice... It would be awesome since I really...
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    Switching to keto

    Hi guys, I hope you are doing in all areas of your lives! Recently I bulked and I was consuming around 1.75g of carbs per pound of body weight, but I wanna lean down for the next 4 weeks or so. I was going to give keto diet a try since I have a hard time losing fat genetically. Can I switch...
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    Tip for Incoming Videos

    Hi guys, hope you have been lifting hard and are shredded than ever before. I did not come to the forum for a while and I really liked Dylan's progress on his cycle which results are absolutely unbelievable. Many people think drugs or eating is the major role in muscle growth, however I think...
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    Training Problems, Tips

    I would like to salute everyone out there since you have been great help in many topics. My arms were and still are a major weak body part... My legs are very good I must say but my arms are very small. I have left the ego lifting for about a year and I try to contract the muscle that I am...
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    My doctor asked me to do another bloodwork but in some specific areas, my results were: PHT: 40,0 ng/L FSH: 1,4 mUI/mL DHEA: <0,2 ng/ML Total Testosterone: 5.84 ng/ml Free Testosterone: 3,20 pg/mL Could someone tell me how does it look? DHEA and FSH are quite low I guess and If so what...
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    Hey guys. I purchased a body composition scale to measure my body fat, muscle mass and so forth... I would like to know how accurate are they ...
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    iSarms Order

    Hi guys. I have ordered GW but there's a problem... I live in a building and I change from a 2nd floor to the 1st floor and when I created my acc the information I'd to put in order to create it was my former floor and in my order I have forgotten to change it... I ordered like 5 minutes ago but...
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    Hey guys . I will start to work with a coach. He has won the Nationals and the overall in my country and he's a good guy. He wants me to bulk for around 4 or 5 months and then cutting for another 4 months or so it all depends on the results. My question is... In the last 16 weeks I've been...
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    I have received my bloodwork today, could you guys say what should I look for, like the most important stuff? I can't post the results here right now
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    Steroids and Sarms in Sports

    I was wondering If professional athletes are using steroids or sarms, because in the last 15 years the records are always being broken year after year no matter what sport we are talking about... I know that nowadays athletes have a much better condition, training methods and nutritions but...
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    I followed your advice by reverse dieting for a specific amount of time.. I did it for 2 weeks where I up calories, carbs and decrease cardio and in this last week I did more cardio and I finally lost some weight, 1.5lbs to be exact... I will post some photos and I would like If you guys could...
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    Hey guys. Recently I have been thinking about my cortisone usage for 10 years since I've asthma and I'd to take it for a long time.. Since I remember I was always kinda fat with a huge belly. Now I figured it out the reason since my parents and family are all very slim. Taking cortisone for such...
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    Thyroid Problems?

    Hey guys. I've posted more than once about my journey to lose bf% and definitely it's lower than it was but I hit against the wall... My metabolism is not as high as it was ... And I have been on a deficit every single day for 10 weeks (an average of 800-1100kcal deficit) and the fat loss is not...
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    Body Measurements

    Height: 6ft0 Weight: 157-160lbs Bf%: 17-19% I've some measurements months ago and I decided to measure myself once again and here there are the results: Bicep: 32cm/12.6inches Wrist: 17cm/6.7inches Tigh: 53.5/22.4inches Calves: 38.5cm/15.1inches Forearm: 29.5cm/11.6inches Neck...
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    Carb Cycling

    Hey guys. This isn't my first thread about this, but for those who don't know or don't remember, I started lifting as a skinny-fat guy when I was 18 years old, 143lbs and around 25bf% (I've a photo and I would like some opinions about my body fat percentage in all photos: beforelifting...
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    Birthday dinner

    I've done my usual diet but yesterday I've a family meeting since my nation played and was the birthday of my uncle... I did eat clean , nuts, chicken and veggies but I've eaten some cake and some other food that is high in carb and fat and today I add up 3lbs , is that normal?? After so much...
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    Refeed Day

    Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing good with your training, diet and health. I've been cutting for 7 weeks or so and I've done some progress, however my weight loss kinda plateau even though I'm in a caloric deficit. I don't see much progress as I've been seeing in the last weeks. Stats: 1/05...