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  1. mapeters48

    Another PharmaLady TD!!

    Just a small order this time, getting the essentials. This was my 5th or 6th time placing an order with her and it’s always such an easy process. Took 11 days total to receive my package. Super discrete and packaged nicely. Decided to throw some anadrol in there, I’ve never used it so any advice...
  2. mapeters48

    Throwing Bold Cyp in on cruise?

    I was thinking about maybe throwing 200 mgs/week of bold cyp into my cruise. So i would be running 200 test 200 bold cyp a week. That’s obviously a low dose for EQ so would it even be worth it? Or should I just save it for my next blast?
  3. mapeters48

    Pharma Lady TD

    This was my first time placing an order with her and everything went extremely smooth. Arrived at my door today, about 2 weeks after placing it! And that was with her being on vacation for one of those weeks. Everything was very professional and the packaging was discreet. I can't wait to try...
  4. mapeters48

    Test E300 legit?

    I feel like 300mg/ml could give some decent pip but maybe I'm just being a bitch lol. Any thoughts/experiences?
  5. mapeters48

    Anyone tried test E from MGP? Or any MGP products?

    Thin D has some pretty unbeatable prices for a 20 ml vial of test E. Just wondering if anyone has tried it. Thanks!