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  1. hurricane

    free upgrade windows 8.1 to windows 10. anyone do this? yay or nah?

    basically title says it all. my computer is offering free upgrade of windows 8.1 to windows 10 for limited time. anyone do this. is it worth it or is like windows 10 still full of bugs. some windows version turn out to be better then others and the newer version isnt always better, so i wanted...
  2. hurricane

    christmas gift ideas??? what you guys getting loved ones

    like they say good ideas can spread like the flu i got almost all of my gifts already.. but i got some left what are you guys getting your loved ones so far i got mom- ugg boots and slippers dad- ck wallet, timberland gloves and hat, slippers little brother- grand theft auto for xbox one...
  3. hurricane

    everyone that has moved from safe-mail in the last few weeks.. where have you gone

    juist curious to see where everyone went.I know people were giving out suggestions and expressing discust with safemail.just looking to see what everyone is using now. if you already had a secure email preffered place before this problem. please post in here also
  4. hurricane

    behavior problems with kids?anyone goin through it or got advice

    so my oldest (not mine by blood but my fiance's) is giving us tons of trouble.7th grade, 12 years old.Failing school with 50's. wont do homework.wont get up for school.Late for school even when he leaves on time.Almost everything is school based.We have talked to him so many times, punished...
  5. hurricane

    how old is everyone here?

    i was just wondering... i have to be if not the oldest one of the older guys at 40 years young lol how old is everyone else? i seeing rickrock as late 30's dylan mid 20's nyrobo maybe 30? rest of you guys i have no idea.. i would be just guessing except texas terror i know his age is...
  6. hurricane

    who you guys got in the world series???

    royals took game 1....i still got the mets winning this thing what about you guys? hell of a game 1 .. though.. 14 innings shesshh
  7. hurricane

    so whats everyone got planned for holloween here?

    parties>? clubs? for me im going to take the kiddos trick or treating in the day.. then bang out my other job.. and then if i have the energy take the train into lower manhattan and catch the halloween parade in west manhattan. its really a treat lol. knowing me ill probably chump out by the gf...
  8. hurricane

    injections diagrams for noobs

    just putting this up for noobs.Since i've been here i see a few guys saying they didnt want to inject.Perhaps they dont know how this is the website i used when i was learning, great tutorial on injections. anyone have any other websites or videos to...
  9. hurricane

    c 60 . anyone used this????

    Now believe it not someone on the hellhole brought this product to my attention and ive been researching it quite a bit lately.Its suppose to add great anti-aging properties and help with endurance also. i can dig up someone of the articles i researched. But has anyone here used this stuff or...
  10. hurricane

    passing by to say hello to my boys

    its hurricane passing by to show my guys dylan and rick support on their new board. i would have came over to support and hang out before but i was simply told i was forbidden to do so by my old place of employment. hope you guys are doing well.board looks nice. i see its still in the process...