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  1. TheFish

    canadian domestic small order

    Need a small order within canada for a late dec arrival. any recommendation?
  2. TheFish

    USA based Pregnyl source?

    any one of the sources on here have any in stock?
  3. TheFish

    US source for deca

    I'm planning to do my 1st cycle with deca later this year. My regular vendor of choice only has UGL deca. Can anyone recommend which of the approved sources have quality brand name deca? Extra credit if they take bitcoin.
  4. TheFish

    tips for someone getting gyno surgery?

    After suffering from a slight case of puberty based gyno I've decided to take the plunge and get the surgery. I'm scheduled for next month. Anyone have any 1st hand accounts on how the recovery was? How long until you were back in the gym? How long did you have to wear a compression shirt...
  5. TheFish

    REVIEW WITH BLOODS: Hipo Norma TestE

    It's about time I added something useful to this community. I'm about 6 weeks into my 12 week cycle of 250mg x2x a week of Norma TestE with 12.5mg Pfizer Aromasin ED. I can talk about it all day but the bloods tell the best story: precycle blood: midcycle blood: This stuff is amazing. The...
  6. TheFish

    when to start pct - TestE

    I see a lot of different advice posted regarding PCT after a 12 week test enanthate cycle. should pct begin 2 weeks after the last pin or 3 weeks?
  7. TheFish

    keto and kidney stones correlation

    I'm in week 6 of doing a keto diet for the 1st time ever. Lucky me I was just diagnosed with one small kidney stone for the 1st time ever. Is this the mother of coincidences or is there a known link between keto and kidney stones? Are there any sarms, supplements, etc that help with stones...
  8. TheFish

    GW dosage for women

    My wife is about to begin using GW to help her on a cut. What is the optimal dosage and how may weeks can she use it?
  9. TheFish

    slightly torn bicep brachialis

    Is there anything that can be taken to speed up the recovery of a slightly torn bicep brachialis?
  10. TheFish

    ending a year long cut. time to bulk. any tips?

    After a year of cutting and saying bye bye to about 50 lbs it's time for me to switch to a bulk. It's been many months of religiously weighing my food, timing my meals, 1-2 gym sessions a day for 5-6 days a week. I went from stuck in bed sick to feeling like a whole new person! Any tips on...
  11. TheFish

    advice for broken bone recovery?

    Bros......small accident and I've fractured my foot. The doc says i'm probably going to be out of commission with an air cast for about 6 weeks. I'm determined not to lose my gains, so seeking some bro advice. -any nutritional changes or supplements that I should take into account for the...
  12. TheFish

    what shoes do you squat and deadlift in?

    My worn out running sneakers aren't doing me any favors when squatting and deadlifting. I'm thinking about picking up a pair of chuck taylors but am open to suggestions.
  13. TheFish

    effects of starting steroids too soon

    Bros.....The standard newbie idea is floating around in my head uncontrollably. What is the ill effect of taking a cycle of Test-E before reaching your genetic potential? If you are sub 15% bodyfat, over 30 years old, are religious about eating and training properly, and have access to quality...
  14. TheFish

    feedback on planned albuterol cycle

    Bros...looking for feedback on a planned albuterol cycle. I've never used it before so I wanted to ramp up slowly to let my body get used to the effect. I never even consume caffeine so I expect this to hit me hard. I've read that 24mg a day is the sweet spot for fat loss so I plan to gently...
  15. TheFish

    newbie in CT

    Hey Bros, New guy here. Figured I'd say hi. I was seriously into bodybuilding a few years ago for about 2 years straight before getting injured. I've been in PT for quite a while. All of the meds and the lack of exercise caused me to get fat. Last year I became extremely ill on top of all...