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  1. hurricane

    New Moneygram Policy

    sucks when they start fuxing with drug money lol .
  2. hurricane

    Lets go Iowa!!!!!!!

    tuff loss for iowa and another undefeated team goes down
  3. hurricane

    Holly holm on roids you decide ?

    hahaha i just might and regret it afterwards
  4. hurricane


    go get bloodwork and take it from there.If your test levels are low enough.. trt means you go on for life and never come off. you do test 100-200 mg ew for the rest of your life.
  5. hurricane

    Stacking proviron

    i didnt notice much difference at all in vasculairty or harderning but libido was a whole different story.It helped tremendously
  6. hurricane

    free upgrade windows 8.1 to windows 10. anyone do this? yay or nah?

    thanks .. looks like i will do the upgrade then.didnt want to dl 10 , if it was crap
  7. hurricane

    free upgrade windows 8.1 to windows 10. anyone do this? yay or nah?

    that was another concern the software compatibily.
  8. hurricane

    free upgrade windows 8.1 to windows 10. anyone do this? yay or nah?

    basically title says it all. my computer is offering free upgrade of windows 8.1 to windows 10 for limited time. anyone do this. is it worth it or is like windows 10 still full of bugs. some windows version turn out to be better then others and the newer version isnt always better, so i wanted...
  9. hurricane

    Huge Pure Essence December Promotion! Up to 35% off!!!

    the great sales just keep comming vert nice
  10. hurricane

    Touch down!

    looks nice.. dying to get my hands on the triple x
  11. hurricane

    Always a pleasure

    glad you were happy.. top notch service.
  12. hurricane

    Anti-Depressants and Lack of Libido

    proviron isnt going to hurt anyones sex drive.. wont be a problem for anyone
  13. hurricane

    Drinking while on cycle..

    maybe once in awhile but drinking to much ruins the cycle and defeats the purpose.
  14. hurricane

    Stacking proviron

    yes i use it in my trt and my sex drive has spiked big time.Its non methylated, so there will be no risk of liver toxicity like other oral steriods
  15. hurricane

    New to board

    those vidoes are attracting members like a flies to shyt lol.. good stuff dylan and welcome to ar brother.. we are more then glad to have you
  16. hurricane

    New to board

    there are good ones and their are terrible ones.. Its not the only good one .. but you sure picked one of the better ones to learn on
  17. hurricane

    Bitcoin disadvantages

    great post. to be perfect honest i have no experience with this but reading this post makes me losing any type of interest in learning more about it
  18. hurricane

    Holly holm on roids you decide ?

    she is gross bro... but id still let her give me head lol.. not sure if i could hit it.. that takes alittle more .
  19. hurricane


    there you go bro.. cant get any better help then this.. if not we got a ton of vidoes and diagrams you can follow. its nearly impossible to fuck up lol
  20. hurricane

    brand new pose: the DG

    looking good bro and you have the pose down pat lol