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    Advice on oral steroids!

    Hi guys!! I've done 5 cycles of Sarms! From MK2866 to S23. I love the results I've gotten. But I would like to try the next step, I would like to try Oral steroids. I want to add more size to my body from the cycles I've done. Any advice would be great, starting off with which ones are...
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    Thinking about running S23?

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about trying S23, I've tried other sarm stacks and had good results. Now I wanna try something stronger! My question is what do I stack it with? I'm looking to put on more muscle. My stats are 42, 5'6, 180 lbs. Thanks guys you are always helpful!!!
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    Proper Dosing help!!

    I bought Mk2866 and Sr9009 from Sarms for Sale. The Mk2866 is 50mg/ml , Sr9009 is 20mg/ml, also came with 2 ML droppers. Do I dose Mk2866- 25mg a day and Sr9009 5mg x 3 a day? And how do I use the dropper? Thanks guys!!
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    Thinking about steroids!!

    Hi guys thinking about doing a cycle of steroids, just finished a full cycle of S4 & GW501516. I like the results. Now I want to try a serious cycle with steroids. Idk what do you guys recommend for my first time? I want to put on more size!! I'm 5'6 190, don't know how much body fat I'm...
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    Cutting advice!!

    Last time I did a stack was back in January. I was taking mk2866 and lgd4033, I did it for 12 weeks then a pct. I maintained my weight at 185-187. Then they had the shut down, I haven't worked out since, but planning on hitting it hard again. I wanted to know what sarm stack would help me shed...
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    Quick Question!!!

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to know about dosing on liquid sarms!! How long does 15ml of Lgd 4033 last? My first time taking the liquid form! Thanks guys!!!
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    Finished my first Mk2866 cycle!! What to do next?

    What up guys!! I finished my 12 week cycle of mk2866, it didn't go as I planned!! From the start I was 186 and I'm 5'6, ended the cycle at 179 i got leaner but lost size. Part of it was I wasn't dieting like I hoped, but I did hit the gym hard 3-4 days out of the week. My question is...
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    Cycle question??

    What up guys!!! Alright straight to it, I'm doing a full cycle of Mk2866. My second bottle has 2 more days left, the last bottle won't be here till maybe Tuesday at the earliest!! Am I fuct? Will those couple of days mess up my cycle? Thank you!!!
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    PCT Help!!

    Hi guys!! Just wanted to start ordering things I need after I finish my 12 week cycle. There's so many places that sell Clomid, what is a trusted place that you would recommend? Also what else beside that would I need and also where do you guys recommend getting it from? Thanks a lot for the...
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    UPDATE!! Starting my 2nd month of Mk2866.

    What's up guys! Just giving my update on my first Sarm cycle. After my first month, it's going good so far. I'm 5'6 dropped 6 lbs. And now 180. I see more definition in my shoulders, chest, arms. Body feels tight! Now starting my second month, I'm trying to focus more on my dieting and drop...
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    4 week cycle ok?

    Hi everyone!! I just wanted to try sarms once to see how it goes. I got some mk2866 from Hardbodyedge in the capsule form. Just got 1 bottle, taking it with pre- workout & protein. Started on it today, don't feel anything as of yet! Just wanted to know, do I need pct after 4 weeks? Should I...