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  1. Ironhead4life

    SARMS going underground???

    Sup guys? Man it looks to me like SARMS is finally coming into its own and it is definitely drawing attention everywhere! People ARE getting results and the sides can be low but.......the fucking goon squad may soon bring this shit to a halt I'm afraid. Why can't the powers that be leave people...
  2. Ironhead4life

    Best Cycle Assist????

    What is up Brothers in Iron!!? What is a good all in one Cycle Assist product that would cover liver, heart, BP, Prostate and such? Does anyone have a one product covers most suggestion? Also on cycle should I also take say .5 mg of Arimidex daily to keep estro conversion in check?? Thanks!
  3. Ironhead4life

    Blood Test Process

    Ok guys.....I'm getting closer to starting this journey. Many of you have prob seen some of my posts and know that I have never used and so I have been gathering a lot of valuable info from you all and I am truly appreciative of all your help. One thing I have noticed is a lot of people talking...
  4. Ironhead4life

    Shipping Times?

    Hey guys how long does it typically take product to arrive after ordering? Maybe some sponsors could chime in. We are moving soon and wanted to know if I would have time to receive a package before we move. We are scheduled to move in about 4 weeks.
  5. Ironhead4life

    Auto Pin??????

    Here's a question for all you experienced fellas. Is there a way to Auto Pin? I know there are many drugs that one could use an Auto Pin Device with so I was wondering if it was possible with gear??? Seeing as how I've never pinned I was thinking that would definitely be something newbies like...
  6. Ironhead4life

    TRT a good cover up!?????

    Couple of questions guys. There are lots of TRT clinics in North Texas and I have several friends that have gone and they say its pretty easy to get them to give you a 200mg dose once a week forever. Now you guys may remember from previous posts that I have taken no anabolics before and I also...
  7. Ironhead4life


    Any guys here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area???? Be nice to have a friend or two that was into this scene. Would be very helpful if and when I decide to pin so someone could show me how not to F myself up! Lol
  8. Ironhead4life

    Continuous Cycles?

    Learning a ton from you veterans!! I was wondering, after say an oral cycle for 6 weeks and then pct can you immediately start over again? Do you need time off post pct or can you for an example run Tbol 6 weeks then pct for 4 weeks then repeat another oral cycle and could you do this...
  9. Ironhead4life

    P.O. Box Goodies????

    Sup guys.....was wondering if anyone had used a post office box for delivery of any of their gear? Trying to figure out how to do my first cycle VERY discreetly as in keeping the wifey in the dark. Is a p.o. box an option or do you guys have any tips thanks!!! Somebody is gonna give me crap bout...
  10. Ironhead4life

    New from Texas!!

    Hello all! I am brand new here. 43 years old. Been lifting off and on for years all natural but have had the itch lately. I'm not one that really cares if I can bench more than the next guy but I do like to look and feel physically fit! 5'8 170 lbs. 15% bf. Natural mesomorph. Looking to gain...