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    Letro and Nolva

    sources in USA?
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    Hottest Female in Fitness

    I used to think no one would come close to Anllela Sagra but then I discovered Valentina Lequeux.. thoughts? Can anyone top either of them?
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    The Tren Experience

    Just want to share my experience with tren because it is different than the horror stories you hear. Here is what I ran: Weeks 1-6 Prop/Ace 250/350 pw Weeks 7-8 250/500 pw Weeks 9-10 350/700 pw Aromasin 25mg pw 9-10 Caber .25 e3d starting when the nips got puffy prob around week 3 bumped...
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    Prop to Cyp for cruise

    After some thought Ive decided I want to cruise. Looking for advice on how I can make a smooth transition from prop to cyp.
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    Tren Withdrawal

    I loved everything about my tren cycle. Had minimal sides and crazy results. Tested the waters a bit and tapered up to 100 ace with 50 prop ed for the last two weeks and handled it fine. Last pin of ace was 9/1 but im continuing with prop for another week. I have been looking forward to...
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    Tren and Aggression

    I havent had any aggression sides from Tren at all and everything has been pretty smooth besides lack of sleep quality and sweating a little more than usual. I started at 350 bumped to 500 after 4 weeks now im thinking of finishing up at 700. I'm curious to hear what dosage people notice these...
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    Masteron Dosge

    Been on 250 prop 350 ace for 4 weeks and yeah I love tren. Thinking I might add Mast prop for the last 4-6 so I'm looking for dosage suggestions (thinking 500ish). Is 4 weeks enough? Should I bump test to 350 to offset the anti-estrogenic effects of Mast? Any suggestions appreciated
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    Test Prop / Tren Ace 9 Week Cycle - PharmacomStore

    27 6'1 190 10% 10 years of consistent lifting Previous cycles: 1. Test 2. Test Deca Dbol (dbol believed to be bunk) Its been 4 months since the end of my last PCT and my test was at 514 according to bloodwork 6 weeks ago I know its not recommended to tren this early in the cycling journey but...
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    Quad Injections

    Pinned quads for the first time after avoiding them due to the horrible stories people tell about hitting nerves or not being able to walk. Well, I've found my new favorite injection site. Pinning low volume (.85ml) test prop/tren ace ED and had about as close to zero PIP as you can get. It's...
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    Westside Barbell Powerlifting

    Do any powerlifters follow Louie Simmons' strength training methods? Just came across this guy and his knowledge and experience with every aspect of strength training is phenomenal. The concept of speed strength and his broad use of isometrics were really an eye opener to me. Definitely check...
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    HCG on Cycle

    Is it a best to take HCG twice a week while on cycle? Keeping your natural test from completely shutting down sounds like a better way to go about things. Thoughts?
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    Upper Quad Activation

    Anyone have any tips on feeling the upper outer portion of the quad (near the hip). My vastus medialis is dominant over my lateralis so I tend to feel most movements around the inside portion of my knee. Even while wearing shoes with a lifted heel, I mainly feel squats in my upper hams/glutes...
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    Vitargo - Carb Supplement

    Anyone have experience with this? Im trying to only use carbs to fuel workouts and aid in recovery so this fast digesting product seems ideal. Does anyone have experience using this stuff? Alternatives?
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    Bulk Meat

    Anyone have recommendations on where to get bulk meats (chicken/beef)? Anyone try ButcherBox?
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    HGH/Sarms and Recovery

    I just dislocated my shoulder for the second time and im curious if HGH would be ideal to speed recovery. If so, how many IUs per day? Sarms alternative to speed recovery from this kind of injury?
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    Prolactin vs Progesterone

    Is there prolactin induced gyno as well as progesterone induced gyno? Progesterone inhibits prolactin but progesterone can still cause gyno? Just trying to get the facts straight.
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    Test/Tren/Mast Dosage Recommendations

    6'0 200 12% BF 2 previous cycles 9 years lifting Still in PCT from my last cycle but I'm planning my first cut cycle to see how my body could look. I'm set on the compounds just unsure about the dosages: 8-10 Weeks 300 Test E 300 Tren A 600 Mast Blend pw PCT and ancillaries are known I've...
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    Tren vs. Tren + Masteron

    I'm curious what the synergies are when you add Masteron to Tren besides the additional muscle hardening. Masteron being a DHT helps with sex drive to counteract Tren dick? Would you recommend running Masteron with Tren and what is the lowest optimal dose of each for a first time user...
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    So I was planning on getting bloods done in the coming weeks but privatemdlabs and labsmd dont provide services for residents in NY/NJ. Any advice on where else I should look or what I should do?
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    Ab Cramps

    7 weeks into 500 test 300 deca and seeing great gains (2nd cycle). I'll occasionally get these debilitating ab cramps near the end of my workouts and ill have to end my workout. Legit feels like someone is trying to rip my stomach out. I have been working out longer in the gym about 115-145...