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  1. Bigboy01

    Injectable anavar and YK11

    Does anyone have any experience with anavar or YK11 in the injectable form ? Is it not effective and or less toxic on the kidneys and /or liver ? Wish I could find some studies on this but it’s not really available aside from one or two places so not too much feedback. I’m guessing the the C17...
  2. Bigboy01

    Testosterone Enanthate PIP

    I’ve been either on TRT Or blasting and cruising for years and have pinned so many different kinds of esters of testosterone from so many different sources and up until recently the only issues I have ever had are scar tissue, micro pulmonary embolism which sounds scary but is really no big deal...
  3. Bigboy01

    Proviron side effects and onset of action

    Does anyone else get palpitations or anxiety from proviron ? I have no history of anxiety and only get this after taking this compound . How many days does it take to get the positive mood and libido effect ? if I am running test prop /mast prop at 100/150-200mg and just finishing up primo...
  4. Bigboy01

    Anyone ever get pvcs from orals like anavar?

    I think I’m just getting old here but does anyone else get cardiac sides from orals like provirin and anavar ? Happy Easter !
  5. Bigboy01

    Rad 140 +test and mast for libido

    So don’t get me wrong I am banging my wife twice a day for at least 45 min and sometimes and hour or better and if I want an all day marathon I’ll pop 30mg of cialis BUT there is nothing like that first rage in your sex drive when you pin your first blast of test and mast! I get the same effect...
  6. Bigboy01

    Is this real /ow much hgh for recovery from surgery

    Check this out this guy is saying he was banging iron 3 days post op from hernia repair ! Only thing I can imagine is that he was lifting extremely light weights (for him that maybe 300lbs bench press ) and that it’s...
  7. Bigboy01

    Keeping YK 11 gains ?

    This maybe a kinda newb question here but I know there is so much I’m still learning after years of doing this …I was just curious what others experience is with keeping gains from YK 11 when used to kickstart a gear cycle for 8 werks? I would THINK given the gear I would not lose much of...
  8. Bigboy01

    Bloody nose and Masteron

    Always ran mast every spring summer and never realized until now that it caused me nosebleeds…..I mean I am absolutely positive at this point because I never ever get nose bleeds and I just started running mast prop at 700-800 a week (I’m also running test prop 50-75 eod and cyp 250 1x a week...
  9. Bigboy01

    27 gauge 1- 1/4 inch BD

    Anyone know where to order these from in the us without a script? I know gpz is greasy but they don’t have them and I’m switching to prop for the summer and need a break from being a human pin cushion. Thanks all
  10. Bigboy01

    Zero toxic pre contest cut cycle

    I know There are a lot of variables but all things being equal can you compete successfully with out using toxic compounds? Does it exist or is it just a pipe dream ? Can you compete and place without tren or halo and Var and a boat load of hgh ? I’ve been pretty damn shredded and had some good...
  11. Bigboy01

    Spring recomp cycle and shortness of breath

    2-3iu hgh 4-500 test cyp 6-700 primo 1mg Adex….very E2 sensitive Yk11 15mg ED GW51516 20mg ED SR 9011 ED 20mg one month in and holy crap I have packed on some serious lean mass….the only issue is I’ve been having breathing problems with some low blood oxygen and elevated but not tachy HR...
  12. Bigboy01

    hGH 6 is vs 4iu

    Just curious what you guys think about 6iu 5 days a week 2 days off vs 4aiu every day in terms of overall effect, any one experiment with both and see a discernible difference? Thanks -
  13. Bigboy01

    Bloodwork thoughts on estrogen

    Just curious what you make of this. Test cyp 500 .5 adex every day 86 seems kinda high. Let me know what you think.
  14. Bigboy01

    Umbrella sarms log Rad 150 + SR9011

    TD and day 2 of umbrella sarms RAD 150 and SR9011 UMBRELLA delivers at Amazon prime speed..Fastest Touch down ever of any sarm I've ever ordered. As noted elsewhere the amount of work and money that has gone into the packaging of this product is top shelf. This is clearly a serious operation...
  15. Bigboy01

    Elevated creatinine

    Background 40YO M 230lbs 6% BF(prob a bit less). Training since teens. 1 to 2 years of sarms in mid 30s and 2 to 3 years of AAS with 3-6 months of cruising in the winter. Never ran tren or any super toxic orals with the exception of some dbol I tried and stopped twice due to water...
  16. Bigboy01

    hGH experiences with Bio tec and syntrom

    Hope everyones New Year's is going great! I just wanted to inquire as to anyone elses experiences with the following hGH. I have no doubt that they are quality products since they are procured from board approved sources(I personally can vouch for IWGF as a phenomenal guy with quality products...