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  1. dpetze22

    Introduction and Kaiser Blood Work

    Been away for a few months so just thought i would repost my stats prior to asking for some advice. Age:31 Height: 5'5'' Weight: 165 BF: 15-17% Training: 3 day split with a day of rest. Legs, Back & Biceps, Chest, Shoulder, and Triceps, Rest day. Been athlete my whole life. Weightlifting for...
  2. dpetze22

    First Cycle: Calorie Deficit or Surplus

    For your first cycle is it best to be in a calorie surplus or a deficit? I know this is largely dependent on the goals of the individual. I would like to pack on as much muscle as possible while also remaining relatively lean. Not go above 13-14% bodyfat. Currently cutting down to 10-12%. Any...
  3. dpetze22

    New but not New

    Have not been active for awhile so thought i would just do a reintroduction post. Age: 31 years old Stats: 5' 6'' 161 lbs 13-15% Bodyfat Training: 4.5-5 years consistently (Been an athlete my whole life.) Diet: On point. Whole foods. Rarely anything processed maybe 2 times a month. Track...
  4. dpetze22

    Depression and PCT

    I understand the main cause of this is due to your normal testosterone production being out of whack. Making a proper PCT vital to running a cycle, HCG, Novaldex, and Clomid. Can any of you offer your experience with depression and ending a cycle? I understand this is predominantly dependent on...
  5. dpetze22

    New Here

    Hey guys, just read a little post about introductions so here is mine. Age:30 Height: 5'6'' Weight: 158 Body Fat%: 10-12% Have been an athlete my whole life. Highschool and college baseball. Still play adult league baseball. Also do OCR races. Workout 5-6 days a week. Depending how far out i am...