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    Hipo's Primostoa

    Hi Poka The last Primo batch we had received from Stoa was a bit darker than usual. I asked them when I saw it and they had confirmed they used a different base oil. Just confirming you it´s not a mislabelling issue. Hipo

    Hipo porn

    It sounds like a plan to me :-)

    Hipo porn

    Oh! Thank you very much for uploading those pictures! I´m very very glad you are satisfied with our services and I´m sure you will love the products! As some members here noticed, Stoa Labs injectables have now a much nicer label and as I remember you were one of the very first one to who we...

    20% off & some more things ;-)

    A quick update to confirm you all that all the pending orders were shipped between today and yesterday! The XMAS15 coupon code will be active for the next 24 hours and I had waived the 200 USD minimum order. Now you can add the discount no matter how much your order is. Do not miss it...

    Rockmfhudds 2nd SARMS cycle with additions

    Another serious log here, guys! Keep going! I´m sure you will smash your challenges :-) (dropping so many lb so far is already amazing! Good luck! Hipo

    My log

    I´m sure we won't be disappointed :-) Hipocamebers :-P

    Best review EVER! :-)

    Yep, we are accepting them in a very discreet way. Hipo

    Cycle FOR FREE!!

    I totally forgot to add here a link to the log! He is doing an amazing work! Thanks! Hipo

    Question for the aussie!

    Hi Julk May I say we just got 2 seized packages in your country so far and we are shipping between 10-15 per month there. Happy New Year.

    20% off & some more things ;-)

    Dear users Allow me to send you an email to remin you that for the next 24 hours you can pay your order using your credit card without any extra fee. It means you will be saving the 5% commision the bank is charging for this service. Also I would like to remind you that the coupon code XMAS15...

    Best review EVER! :-)

    Hi guys Few minutes ago I had received an email from a customer. He placed his first orders few weeks ago and today, after he had paid his order using his credit card, he wrote me: "On Tue, 29 Dec 2015 17:34:46 -0500, XXXX XXXXXX wrote: Appreciate it man first order was awesome...will...

    Reliable source

    As a source here I have to say that any of the sponsor at ARF can be great for you to use. Mods and Admins had tested our products and our services and they allow us to promote ourselves here so it means they are satisfied with all of us. Allow me to say that in my opinion this is one of the...

    20% off & some more things ;-)

    Easy and discreet :-) Hipo

    20% off & some more things ;-)

    Just few days left to pay for order with your CC without any fee being charged! Do not miss it!! Hipo



    Late cycle bloods are in!

    This is a very clever tip, indeed :-) I like your numbers, 21infantry :-) Thanks for sharing them! Hipo


    It sounds like a great plan to me :) Hipo

    My log

    I just forget to update you all that the Stoa oils have now new beautiful labels. I will update them to the site immediately after New Year Holidays will finish. I´m sure you all will like them ;-) Hipo

    Blood test resulys

    Allow me to say, in that case, I would go for the Enanthate Norma. Amazing pharma grade that will provide you amazing numbers :-) Hipo

    My log

    I missed the log! I´m so happy you were selected to write it all! I´ll be following your updated closely :-) Enjoy the cycle and the products. I´m sure we will love reading you!