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  1. EZ_E

    Amusing PM's I get on this board Part 57

    This was received via p.m. yet somehow I'm the one hiding behind my keyboard. ~EZ
  2. EZ_E

    I started training in the womb

    NEW GUYS: If you want to run a cycle and you're asked to post your training history, PLEASE stop trying to justify running juice in your early 20's because you've been: "Training since I was 13" NO YOU HAVEN'T. You may have had a gym @ your high school or played sports. Maybe you went to the...
  3. EZ_E

    Can I just.......?

    Can I just put diesel fuel in my Honda Civic? Can I just wear a hat to play in the NFL instead of a helmet? Can I just pay 3/4 of my mortgage this month? Can I just wrap my junk in saran wrap instead of using a condom? NO! There is this trend in the gym/bodybuilding world these days where...
  4. EZ_E

    2017 Arnold

    Anyone going? Anyone besides me care? (Yea, I have a lot of free time)
  5. EZ_E

    Remember when you were new?

    Because it seems like some of you have forgotten. We're trying to educate and help these new guys that come here...not insult & belittle them. So posting 3 word bullshit posts like; "You're an idiot" or "Your PCT sucks" This is a great way to embarrass yourself. POST SOMETHING...
  6. EZ_E

    You need to post your COMPLETE stats

    Complete; all, entire, full. Please don't pick and choose which stats you care to post. Get your body fat TESTED if you don't know it, don't guess. You cannot guess your body fat. If "General Idea Of Nutrition" is unclear, please ask what it means. Complete Stats means Complete Stats...
  7. EZ_E

    Thought you guys would like this

    My TRT doc sends me for a blood draw every few months (all part of the game) So I go for a draw about a month ago. About a week after the test I call to see if anything looked "off" (FYI, I'm running Test, EQ, anadrol, & GH with my TRT) I'm pretty sure the doc knows the deal, but he's in...
  8. EZ_E

    Latest edition of "New Guys Read This"

    Can any1 translate: Testosterone or androgen is the male sex hormone naturally produced by the male body it is necessary for normal sexual development muscle growth bone health and genital development however some men cannot produce enough testosterone to keep the body properly supplied in...
  9. EZ_E

    1,000 Posts

    Ya know, I used to have a life. Now I spend way too much time with you bunch of meatheads. BTW, please post your stats.
  10. EZ_E

    Sole Russian athletics competitor Klishina suspended from Games

    Anyone else think this chick is smokin' hot?
  11. EZ_E

    New here? Read this. Been here? Ready it anyway.

    Since we have a lot of new guys joining the board I thought it was a good time for a few Do’s and Do Not’s. Anyone that’s offended easily, please get out now… DO ask questions. That’s how you learn, but PLEASE don’t be so vague. There’s no TMI. DO take anabolics seriously. Anabolics are not...
  12. EZ_E

    Signs you're serious about this lifestyle

    You leave a job interview and say "Hmmmm......How far is the gym from here?" Not that I did this.........
  13. EZ_E

    Full Stats

    We are not mind readers. THESE are your FULL stats; Age Height Weight Bodyfat % Years of training Complete cycle history (compounds, doses, lengths of time, when they were run) PCT for each cycle Goals Supplements (if any) General idea of nutrition (ya know; how you eat Mc Donald's and pizza...
  14. EZ_E

    Re-inventing the wheel

    To everyone on the board; STOP trying to re-invent the wheel. Stop with the fancy, shiny gym "equipment" and fancy foods. Stop with the "it works just as good as juice" BS products. STICK to the training, nutrition, and anabolics what's worked for the last 70 years.
  15. EZ_E

    Big thanks to my friend & brother

    I'm in prep for a men's physique show (and it's next week) Those of you that compete know your brain is Swiss cheese on some days in prep. Although I've felt good during this prep there have been some less than perfect days....and about 2 years ago I moved to 3/4 of the way across the country...
  16. EZ_E

    College Football

    Those that know me know that I'm pretty gay for hockey....however I do enjoy a little NCAA football as a side dish. Last year Dylan nailed it when he called (in freaking August) Ole Miss and Mississippi State being in the hunt. Well, the season starts this week, who do ya like? TCU...
  17. EZ_E

    That ONE Game

    Alright this Sports forum needs some more action soooooo; If you could get in a time machine and go to any ONE game, what would it be.....Any sport, any era...etc. I'll get us started; For me: 1980 Miracle On Ice Let's hear your choice & why.
  18. EZ_E

    Don't eat this!

    On a regular basis. This is a treat/once in a great while treat. There's way too much sugar and fat (albeit good fat) Take a scoop or 2 of almond butter and soften it in the microwave (10 seconds is fine) Add some cashews... Add some dried cranberries... Mix and eat like ice cream. :mrgreen: