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    Opinions on MENT (Trestolone)?

    Hey guys, Thinking of trying MENT when all this Corona fucking bullshit is gone. Cutting down now to see how lean I can get in the meantime haha! I LOVE Dbol and Anadrol, so chances are I like MENT as well. But I wanted to ask who has done MENT (preferably oral, so I can add it next to my...
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    Long time gone but back now, with a question!

    Hey people, Been off the forum for a while, but I am back :) more time on my hands now. Glad to be back here. Immediately I have a question as well! I am a short dude being only 5 foot 5, but using the knowledge Dylan provides I got to using anabolics the right way and 3 years ago, I started...
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    Masteron cycle recommendations?

    Hey people! Long time since I posted on this forum, but I need some input on what would work really well in a Masteron cycle. Really to do as a summer cycle, to look hard and grainy as shit! I was planning on doing Masteron on 750mg per week, alongside Test-E or Sustanon. (haven't tried...
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    Dylan, what about B12 injections?

    Hey Dylan, My girlfriend needs B12 injections, she was now told to do 1mg injections (in 2ml of fluid) of B12 once every 5 days... This is clearly NOT enough. (I do the injections on her) She has been very, very ill a year ago, and her system still has not recovered from it. My question is: I...
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    Interesting video idea! Myo-Inositol Trispyrophosphate

    Hi Dylan, I read something about ''Myo-Inositol Trispyrophosphate'' and its ability to make red blood cells release more oxygen in the body. It is apparently a form of doping. But combining something like this with for example something like GW-501516 and Equipoise... I can only imagine the...
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    Gains stalling after 5 weeks

    Hey people, I am at the end of the 5th week of my 14-week Test and Deca cycle and my (weight) gains have stopped quite sudden. Does this mostly have to do with Myostatin build up or a lack of calories because I got more muscle now? In my first cycle that is what worked. I have upped the...
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    What to use for my SARMs bridge?

    Hey guys, As some might know I am now doing a Test and Deca cycle... and I love it so far! I want to bridge into my next cycle after this, which will be a cutting cycle. I was thinking Test, Primobolan and Winstrol (and maybe even S4 with it), or Test, Tren and S4. But maybe Tren would be too...
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    Toxicity regarding orals

    Hey Dylan, I just thought of something interesting. (to me) When you say Halotestin is more toxic to the liver than Winstrol for example... we all know it is more toxic, but WHY exactly is that? What is the reason for it being more toxic? Is it because of their chemical structure or something...
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    Congratulations on the new products Dylan!

    Quick little message to you Dylan! :) I think I'm speaking for everyone on the forum when I say you deserve everything coming your way my man! Now questions come up like, "If my pct is 8 weeks, do I take your Post CT for those full 8 weeks or do you start taking it just before PCT?" Without a...
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    Dostinex sides

    Hey people, Started my long awaited Test and Deca (350mg per week) cycle 1.5 week ago. Including 0.5mg Dostinex every 3 days of course. Could just be a bug or something else... but I have been nauseous when I smell food for the last 2 days. (Which means it gets very hard to eat...) Could this...
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    Pharmacom Test Cyp, Deca, Dbol and Aromasin. Kind of a log. :)

    Hey people, I made my first order with Pharmacom and arrived, so I will try to log my experience with my goodies! First time logging anything, so if you guys feel I missed something, just tell me! :) I will try and log something after every injection! Here goes. Stats before this cycle...
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    TUDCA dosing while on oral steroids?

    Short TUDCA question, since I could not find a fully fitting answer. When running orals as a kickstart or finisher, we know to NOT take TUDCA at the same moment of taking an oral dosage. But when do we take the TUDCA then? 500mg all at once in the evening for example, or do we take 250mg for...
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    Injecting frequency

    Hey people, Quick little question, we all do twice weekly injections of our longer esters to get stable blood levels. Some people say it reduces acne on cycle, but is there any truth to this? So what would happen to us for example if we would inject our Test Cypionate or Enanthate just once a...
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    How many fats to implement in the diet?

    Hey people, My bulk is coming up, so I took another look at my diet and calculated everything I planned out for now. So what I came out with was: Total calories and macro's per day: P: 206,1 , C: 392,5 (of which 69,6 grams are sugars, from a banana, my oatmeal and milk and such) F: 106,2 (of...
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    Average pharmacom shipping time

    Hey people, Can someone tell me what the average shipping time is for Pharmacom orders to The Netherlands? After my first order did not arrive, another one was sent and now I have been waiting for 10 days for the second shipment and I am starting to get a little worried... :(
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    Hgh / ghrp6 / mk-677

    Hey people, I have been checking out some videos and information on the internet about HGH and GHRP6, but I don't really onderstand when you would use one or the other... If you would do a bulking or a cutting cycle of anabolics, which of these three would be most beneficial and why? Is there...
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    Best cutting stack of 2 or 3 SARMs...

    Hey people. I want to give one of my best mates a nice cutting stack soon. So I am looking for muscle building white shedding some fat. I was thinking about MK-2866 and S4 for 12 weeks. Should I add something? (except GW of course) Thanks bro's!
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    Post-cycle bloods from first cycle. Liver enzymes high?

    Hey people, I did my post cycle blood test from my first cycle. About 8 weeks after finishing PCT. Everything seems fine, but the ALAT liver enzyme worries me. :( Ideas on how to drop this as quick as possible. Or is this not that high? :) Prolactin: 0.25 units/l Normal ranges: between 0.05...
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    What do you guys have between meals?

    Hey people, I am setting up a new diet plan for my lean bulk Test and Deca cycle coming in September. So far I was at 2200 calories into the meal plan, I need a little more protein and a little more rice and sweet potatoes in there, since I will be looking for about 3000 calories. (5.5 feet and...
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    New video subject

    Hey Dylan, I don't think you have a video on this yet, maybe it could be useful: When taking any oral for kickstarting or finishing a cycle, which steroids do you take with or without food, which are fat soluble and which are not etc. Just thinking out loud! Keep up the good work :)