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  1. 1959er

    Shoutout to Cbbram

    Hands down, the best rep I've worked with! Major props. Communication response time is super fast. Delivery of products were as promised. Very smooth and quick. You can't go wrong with Cbbram or the Axio/Peak Performance line of products. Top notch. A++
  2. 1959er

    Question -- TRT blast

    Hey Guys, I've completed a 12 wk blast of Test Cyp. 400/wk (split doses 200X2/wk) / Aromasin -12.5 EOD Quick question gents: I am on doctor prescribed TRT. I get labs done for my Urologist at the end of April and want to ENSURE that I am back to my TRT levels which for me are: Total...
  3. 1959er

    Aromasin CAPSULES

    Hey Guys, I received my supply of Aromasin from an approved source here on the board. They are 25 mg capsules. Quick question - Ideally, I want to split does them into 12.5 mg to take EOD, but can that be successfully done with capsules? Has anyone had success doing this? What is the best...
  4. 1959er

    How long between Sarms cycle if on TRT?

    I know there's no pct needed for sarms while on trt, but how long of a break is needed between sarms cycles before doing another sarms cycle. I'm wrapping up an LGD/S-4 cycle next week and it's been amazing! SarmsX is the real deal!
  5. 1959er

    TRT and high Free Testostrerone

    Hey Guys, Rarely post here, but love this site and visit pretty much every day. Thank you Dylan for being such a class act and such a help to so many. About me: 57 yr/old Heavy weight lifter, almost 40 years (still squatting 495 weekly) 5' 11" / 225 lbs (BF...
  6. 1959er

    Last day of LGD cycle

    Hey guys, Awesome forum! First time poster. I'm about to wrap up a 12 week run of LGD (from Sarmsx) as a stand alone, and wanted to share a few of my thoughts as well as ask one question. As you may have surmised by now (by my username), I'm no spring chicken. (I'll be 57 in October). Been...