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  1. MasonicBodybuilder

    Favourite Two-SARM Combo

    We all know how versatile SARMs are and have seen hundreds of combinations talked about on the forums over the years. I am a big fan of keeping things simple and want to hear what some of your favourite 2-SARM cycles are. For me, I always start with Cardarine. Yes, I know it is not a SARM but...
  2. MasonicBodybuilder

    MB's YK-11 Log

    Hey ISARMS Family, Hopefully everyone is staying safe and doing the best they can with this pandemic situation. I am trying to spend time with the family but also respect everyone's need for alone/personal time. We are doing ok at it so far but definitely get on each others nerves more...
  3. MasonicBodybuilder

    Hipo Flash Sale!

    Hey Guys, for 24 hours only you can get 25% off your order at Just use the code 4thjuly Cheers! Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  4. MasonicBodybuilder

    Hipo June Sale and Update!!!

    Hey Guys, I have some great news coming from Hipo...... June Special Use the code crazy_june and the first 50 people to place an order in June for at least $150 (USD) will receive a 20% discount on their order!!! Payment Changes You will now be able to easily order with bitcoin via CC. This...
  5. MasonicBodybuilder

    Hipo New Products

    Hey Guys, Just a heads up that hipo has some new products that just hit the site today. They are now selling Magnus Pharmaceuticals injectables. They are not available to ship to US or Canada but for you guys in other areas, definitely check it out. You can always use the code Masonic for 7%...
  6. MasonicBodybuilder

    New Rep

    Hey Brothers, I know since 44 has been gone guys have been asking about hipo. He has now brought me on to help him out on ISARMS. You can use the code Masonic to save 7% off your orders. The discount cannot be applied to products that are already discounted on the site. I have personally been...
  7. MasonicBodybuilder

    Party Favors

    Hey Guys, So as a dad of 2 younger kids (9 and 10yrs old) I have received and given out my fair share of party favors. Inevitably your kids come from a birthday party with a bag loaded with pixie stix, candy bars, and other crap you just want to throw out. My kids were at a birthday party this...
  8. MasonicBodybuilder

    The Dick

    You guys ever notice how all of the sudden everyone under 30 has a problem with their dicks? They either cant get it up, cant keep it up, have no libido, etc. It is ridiculous. I know when I was in my late teens and 20's I had boners all the time. All I could think about was banging girls. The...
  9. MasonicBodybuilder

    Put Your Sticks Out......

    Hey Guys, I am sure most of you have heard of the tragic accident that happened in rural Saskatchewan. The Humboldt Broncos ( a minor hockey team) was traveling and their bus was hit by a tractor-trailer. As of now there are 15 confirmed dead including players, coaches, team announcer. At this...
  10. MasonicBodybuilder

    Nice little read
  11. MasonicBodybuilder

    I Hate Snow!!!

    It's only November and I have already had enough of this garbage. It's cold and I do not enjoy shoveling, warming up cars, or the associated bills from heating the house...ok, rant over!
  12. MasonicBodybuilder

    New Rep

    Hello AR Family. I am excited to formally introduce myself as a new Rep for Bio Tech. I look forward to representing a lab with the best quality products and service! Make sure to use the code MasonicBB10 when placing orders. And also make sure to take advantage of the amazing Thanksgiving Sale...
  13. MasonicBodybuilder

    Official Pure Essence SR-9009 Log by MasonicBodybuilder

    Hi AR Family, I was one of the lucky brothers chosen to do a log of PE SR-9009. I will try to be as detailed as possible. ABOUT ME A lot of you guys and girls know me and have interacted with me but I want to give a little more detail so we can become even closer! I am 32 years old (will be...
  14. MasonicBodybuilder

    PM's not sending

    Anyone else having issues with this? They were working last night just fine but they don't seem to be going through today. It appears they send but do not appear in the sent folder.
  15. MasonicBodybuilder

    See You Guys In A Week!

    Hey AR family. Just wanted to say that I am off to Jamaica tomorrow for a week with the wife as we celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Didn't want anyone to think I disappeared 😝. Happy gainz brothers! Don't worry, I brought 26 bottles of N2Guard and will be taking 61 caps per day for the liver! 🌴🍻
  16. MasonicBodybuilder

    Canadian Thread

    With so many new members coming over from other boards I figured I would start a thread unique to Canadians. As you know, there at some things in this game that are different north of the boarder. One of the main things is blood work. We cannot just go get private blood work done but instead...
  17. MasonicBodybuilder

    GW question

    Hey AR Family, I have a question regarding GW. My wife and I are going on a vacation in 3 months for our 10 year anniversary. My wife is 5'4" around 150lbs. She is looking to drop around 20-30lbs total. Not all before vacation just as a total goal. I am going to grab some GW while Pure Essence...
  18. MasonicBodybuilder

    Hey Bro's!!!

    Hey guys. Some of you may recognize me from other forums. I am here to learn and contribute. Cheers!