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    Hey guys,I had a minor setback.I won't know how much of a setback it is until I get my MRI.I've had achilles tendon pain for years.Well yesterday I was just stepping off my front porch step & got that unmistakable "POP" between my right calf & my achilles tendon.It was followed by pain,stiffness...
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    Just got home from the hospital

    Hey isarms crew!A couple of days ago I was having chest/upper back tightness/pressure.I wouldn't exactly call them "pains",but they were scary enough to warrant me going to the ER.LOL I walked out to the kitchen & told Pat my wife "DON'T PANIC,but I need you to take me to the ER" of course she...
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    Post your Cheat Meal!

    C'mon we all do it unless we have the willpower of the Gods like Dylan.I give myself one cheat meal a week.The Summertime is the worst time of the year for me,even worse than the holiday season.I LOVE BBQ & salads;not the good kind either. 2 BBQ'd cheeseburgers on potato buns with homemade...
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    Quote of the day

    I'd like to start a "Quote Of The Day" where every day I (or anyone else that wants to) put up an inspirational quote.This being a bodybuilding forum,it would be preferable that it is training related BUT not necessarily.It could be mentally related too.Anything that inspires greatness will do...
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    Just got these in today care of Amazon (Prime is soo worth it!).I have Tudca on the way & I think I'm going to try 5% Nutrition Liver & Organ Defender this time around (Piana's a dick & I hate supporting him,but I heard good things about this product.CEL didn't quite cut it for me in my last...
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    Just got these two little guys about a week ago.They're seven weeks old today & funny as hell.I got a 5yo & a 3yo too & they were pretty defensive at first but they're warming up to them nicely.Yeah I'm a crazy cat man LOL.I've had cats & dogs my whole life ever since I can remember.Cats just...
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    My little Valhalla stash

    Here's a pic of my TD from the recent sale from the NY's.I wish I could've gotten MORE but I just got some gear from another source not long before their sale. The 30ml is leftover from my last cycle.I only blast with Valhalla not cruise because of the higher concentration I don't want to shred...
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    Trying to take a week off

    I try & take a full 7 days off from lifting every 3 months or so.That time frame is not written in stone,but that's usually around the time my body tells me "Hey take a break".I usually get weird aches & pains where I don't normally get them.This time it's my forearms.Pfft my forearms NEVER...
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    Possible side effects from low dose deca?

    I hate to be one of those guys that when the first wrong feeling comes along they blame the gear but here goes. I'm on my 4th week of 150mg Deca to go along with my trt 150 mgs TestC.The past week or so I have been retaining water like crazy.I've been watching my sugar,sodium & carb intake...
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    No more knee pain

    I'm going on week two or three of MK-2866 & a low dose of Deca along with my TRT & my knee pain is nonexistent,completely gone,nada,like it was never there.Thank you Sarms & AAS.I'm not sure if it's one or the other or both together,but I am so grateful to be rid of this debilitating pain.My...
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    Opinions on my 2nd cycle for July

    I'm going to be doing my 2nd cycle this July & I'm looking for your opinions on it.It's a recomp stack focused mostly on a cut with some modest lean muscle gains.I will be in a 300cal deficit throughout the second half of it & eating maintenance for the first half. Goals:To get down to 10-11%BF...
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    Roids24 TD

    Hey just got my package from Roids24.I ordered last Friday,got a tracking number Saturday & got it today.The rep in the IM on their site was very patient with me by walking me through my first time MG experience.They even gave me a FREE bottle of TestCyp.Pretty damn cool if ya asked me! ;)...
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    Just used MoneyGram for the first time

    LOL I know this isn't really "thread worthy" but I just got done using money gram to purchase gear for the first time.I did it at Walmart(Damn I HATE that place with a passion).It was nerve wracking but the site I got it from walked me through step by step with instant messaging.That made it a...
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    Something wrong with the forum

    The past few days,when I click on "New Posts" I get this message "Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms".I'm pretty sure it's only on my desktop.Tapatalk seems to be working alright. Is this happening to anyone else?
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    Titan reps

    Are there any Titan reps available stat??I needed to order something yesterday.Sorry bros if this is off key!
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    Primobolan Depot on cruise Q's

    I've read good things about this.I've been on TRT for 8 years now & just got a off a blast & was going to incorporate this for the first time in my cruise. Is 100mgs PW a good dosage?Anything I need to look out for as far as sides?I don't usually need an AI during a cruise,will this affect it?I...
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    Melancholy Cycle

    I just got done with my first blast(blastin n cruisin) & I noticed I didn't feel any strength gains or noticeable size increases til the frikkin 10th week of a 12 week cycle. My next cycle will be 16-20 weeks.I'm obviously a late bloomer.It was unreal the strength gains I got in week ten as...
  18. Flanex

    My wife may be dying

    She's been getting dizzy spells for weeks.Last Saturday she ate dinner & threw it all up right there at the table.She spent the next 24 hrs sleeping & vomiting.I took her to the hospital the next day.I had to carry her.She couldn't walk. A hundred tests later they said she had ketoacidosis.It's...
  19. Flanex

    Quick aromasin question

    Hey guys I probably should've PM'd someone for this but I'll just ask here. I'm coming off my blast of TestCyp 400mgs weeks 1-12 & am going back on TRT next week to 150mgs PW. I've been taking 12.5 mgs of aromasin EOD.How long should I keep taking this dose?I never needed it during TRT but I'm...
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    What are your 3 best features & your 3 worst features?

    Good evening everyone & happy Friday!With all of us being our own worst critics there's no one better to ask this than from ourselves. Regarding your physique,what do you think your best feature is & what do you think you need some serious work on? Myself,I'll start with what needs serious...