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  1. MissBizz

    A message from BigBusiness & MissBizz

    Hello ISarms Family!!! We Just wanted to give our thanks to everyone here who has been here for both of us. We have truly enjoyed our past two years here. We have some family issues that we need to address so we will be taking time away from the board. Those who know how to contact us feel...
  2. MissBizz

    Triplex For Female Use

    So this is based upon my personal experience using Triplex for sexual purposes. For those who do not know triplex is a combination of 25mg viagara, 25mg cialis and 10mg varden. I have not yet used for preworkout, so when I do I will update. MISSBIZZ is a freak so I do not use it because I...
  3. MissBizz

    Happy Easter everyone

    We had dinner today with our family, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and enjoys the time with their family...even your family 44 lol!!
  4. MissBizz

    Happy Birthday BigB

    Just wanted to wish the love of my life a very happy birthday! We will be spending this great day at the Arnolds! Happy Birthday my love you are an amazing man and I'm glad to have you next to me! [emoji7] [emoji322] [emoji512]
  5. MissBizz

    MissBizz's Transformation Log

    OK here's the start of my log. Pics will be posted tonight or tomorrow we haven't taken them yet. My story (keeping it short): I am not a competitor or really even a bodybuilder, I'm just a mom who is trying to get as fit as possible for myself. I've been morbidly obese at one point in my...
  6. MissBizz


    A little thing I like to call trentude. I will explain trendtude, and break it down pros and cons coming from a point of view from an outsider looking in but not actually running it. Trenlovers take it or leave it, understand your trentude before you let it take over. That trentude is...
  7. MissBizz

    Words of thought

    I've been out for a little while not posting much. I was reading, I was learning as I have been. I come to notice a few things. Men with all these hormones sometimes are worse then women lol But on a more serious note, this type of lifestyle is hard, learning and knowing all of this...
  8. MissBizz

    Missbizz's Phurious Primo/Var log

    So to start this log out I'd like to say I've been running pharmecutical primo for 6 weeks at 50 mg..Phurious B12...sarms gw and sr9009...and for 4 weeks I ran what I thought was liquid var at 10mg from express domestic. My intent was to kick off the cycle with 10mg of var ed for the first 6...
  9. MissBizz

    PHURIOUS PHARMA's Deca Durabolin

    PHURIOUS is on fire with another hot product! Deca Durabolin 200mg/ml Decanoate Ester- Active half life: 15 days Deca Durabolin is a great muscle builder because of the steroid’s ability to enhance protein synthesis, nitrogen retention and IGF-1 production. Deca can also provide therapeutic...
  10. MissBizz


    NANDRO-X Another PHURIOUS proprietary blend at 250mg/ml Nandro-X Is the sustanon of deca...a specially formulated blend of Nandrolone No Ester(NNE), Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (NPP), and Deca Durabolin( decanoate ester). Nandrolones in general, are highly anabolic and...
  11. MissBizz

    PHURIOUS PHARMA's Proprietary Blend: Tren Storm

    Tren Storm What is it? Tren Storm is a specifically formulated blend of Tren no Ester, Tren Ace and Tren Ethanate. The special mixture of the three tren esters allows for stabilization of trenbolone levels in the body. Tren Storm is to be used in conjunction with a test cycle and suggested...
  12. MissBizz

    PHURIOUS Pharma New Product: Liquid Oral Viagra

    PHURIOUS PHARMA New Product: Liquid Oral Viagra! PHURIOUS is on it again with a new product added to his list: Liquid Oral Viagra! 25mg/ml to be taken orally Most know of viagra for it's assistance in the bedroom, but did you know it can also help your athletic performance...
  13. MissBizz

    PHURIOUS PHARMA Featured Product: TREN-X

    PHURIOUS Featured Product: TREN-X AKA the best damn PWO 150mg/ml Need a nice little boost in the gym? Energy, Strength, Agression then its time to get PHURIOUS! TREN-X is best used an hour and a half before work out and has a half life of 8 hours. TREN-X is an injectable oil that features...
  14. MissBizz

    Happy 35th Bigbusiness !

    This place saved him...saved us.. so wanted to include all of you in wishing the love of my life a very happy birthday! Bigb has come a very long way and I couldn't be more proud of him! Happy birthday love!!! Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  15. MissBizz

    Next cycle

    As most of you are aware I let the cat out of the bag in my sarms log that I was planning on taking the plunge. I just want to make sure I have my stack laid out correctly as I will begin in a month. The only piece I am questioning is the primo. Do I go 12 or 14 weeks? Please note to all I have...
  16. MissBizz

    Valentines Day

    Just curious what everyone has planned for valentine's day? Or what are your plans for your significant other's? Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  17. MissBizz

    Recommended apps

    A few apps I use for tracking calories, macros, workouts and workout tips are as follows: My fitness pal (as simple as scanning the barcode of what you are eating) Jefit (this is a new one highly recommend for logging weight training..getting tips..creating a plan..tracking goals) Map my run...
  18. MissBizz

    Cardio- What are you doing??

    Posting this up in the women's section in hopes some women open up and respond, and if not men this goes for you as well and even your significant others that are not on here. For the most part a lot of you do not do cardio, but for those of us who have to do cardio for weight loss, fat loss or...
  19. MissBizz

    A Woman's take on Pure Essence Triple X

    So just to say this is loooonnnggg overdue. Although I myself have not used this product, I have experienced the effects without even having to consume anything, and I must say that right there is a hell of a product! The Triple X has made my weekends, exciting, fun, and FULL of towel...
  20. MissBizz

    MissBizz mega cutting stack log

    Received the rest of my sarms today Currently sitting at 146 brought in gw last week and ive already increased my weights twice! Very excited for this..will keep posting every few days! Beginning the below tomorrow! 1-12 mk-2866 12.5 mg day first two weeks then bump to 25 mg day dosed once a...