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    Sarms advice

    Hi, I'm 25yo, 5ft 10, 210lbs, inbetween 25-30% bf. Used to be a keen gym goer, very clean eater, focused mostly on aesthetics (12% bf) .. the last 5 years I've shown no interest in the gym haha but I know I've gotta address this. I initially wanted to jump on roids for an edge. but with info...
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    Long term effects of short term steroid use.

    Hi everyone, got a question that I cant seem to find any real information on, "Long term effects of short term steroid use" About 5 years ago I stopped lifting. I was always natural.. but as you can imagine ive lost most of any gains I had, and I'm definitely fatter than I was. My current goals...
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    dbol/test cycle

    Hey Dylan I love your videos! it's so refreshing to find someone willing to offer their expertise while outlining health as the main priority. Im getting ready to run a dbol/test cycle, but I'm unsure when to start using test.. should I take my first shot the first day I start with the dbol...