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  1. ibleedoranbla

    Hey, it's been a long time

    Hey everyone It's been a long time since I've been around the fitness forum world but I used to frequent here just about everyday all day. I'm not sure if anyone is around anymore that remembers me but I'm here today because, well, the last couple of years have just been crazy with life. I fell...
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    This is just absurd on so many levels. It's actually quite disgusting and I fully believe that this kids parents should be put in prison. This kid needs a good ass beating to knock some sense into him.
  3. ibleedoranbla

    Pharmacom Sust 300 log

    Hi everybody. I have just started a Pharmacom Sust 300 cycle, so I figured I'd throw together a log. This is my second aas cycle. I'm currently in week 6 of using RAD140. My cycle is as follows... 1-12 Sust 300 600/week 1-6 Dianabulk 2 caps/day (had this in the cabinet, so I'm just using it to...
  4. ibleedoranbla

    Pure Essence SR9009 Log

    Hello everyone. Since AR has merged with the forum isarms they're probably quite a few members here who do not know me. So, I'll quickly give an introduction. I am ibleedoranbla, aka Mike. I'm 29 years old and very soon to be 30. I completed my first cycle and PCT in November. Shortly after my...
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    Good article

    This is a good article about a lost man who took back control over his life. It's long but a good read if you're interested.
  6. ibleedoranbla

    Hi, I'm ibleedoranbla and I'm a recovering fitness enthusiast

    Hi, everybody, as the title states, I'm ibleedoranbla. Many here know me and I'm sure they're a lot of new members that don't. I haven't been on the board in about 2 months because of some personal obstacles that have been thrown my way. I have been out of the gym for the last two months due to...
  7. ibleedoranbla

    First cycle notes and PCT

    As most people on here know I recently ran my first aas cycle. I started my PCT last Thursday. I wanted to start this thread and give my feedback, pointers, lessons learned, gains made, and all other notes. I want to do this for any other noobs on the board that are either about to start their...
  8. ibleedoranbla

    Mixing orals

    This is the last week of injections for my cycle. Wednesday will be my last pin. This the start of my 4th week on winstrol and the plan is to continue the winstrol for the next 2 weeks leading right into my PCT. My question is this, I just counted and I have 30 10mg tbols left over. Would there...
  9. ibleedoranbla

    Pip and swelling

    Ok fellas, so yesterday I pinned 1.5 cc of 200mg/ml test cyp. It was the second pin in week 11 of cycle. I have been using 1.5 cc of 250mg/ml of PSL test e for all my other pins. I had pip for about the first 4 weeks and then after that I have not had a single bit of pip until today. I had to...
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    I just wanted to give a quick shout out to Phurious. I was in need of some more test to finish out my cycle, so I placed an order with him and I received my goods. It was packaged very nice and securely and it was received in time for me to not miss a beat with my cycle. The labels look awesome...
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    Well, what do you guys think about this, lol
  12. ibleedoranbla

    Dr. Richard Potato

    Hate on the man all you want, I know he's kind of a douche but he speaks the straight truth.
  13. ibleedoranbla

    Wimpy Winny

    Well, I just wanted to say that so far, I'm in love with winstrol aka wimpy winny. This shit has me strong as an ox in two weeks time. It has also dried me out considerably and has me more vascular than I've ever been. Now I'm no Dylan, hell probably not on most of you fellas level but I just...
  14. ibleedoranbla

    Facebook fitness page

    Hey AR family, I just started a Facebook fitness page and I would appreciate it if those of you with Facebook's would give it a like a share it with your friends. It's a very bare bones page right now because I literally just started it a couple of hours ago, lol. The page is located at...
  15. ibleedoranbla

    Carb cycling

    Ok guys, during the last several weeks of my cycle, now that I've added winny, S4, GW, changed my workout up geared more towards failure and hypertrophy, and added cardio back in, I'm also trying to change up my diet and get it dialed in to shed as much fat as possible. I've tried the low to no...
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    Kai Greene

    It's absolutely compete bullshit that Kai Greene has been disqualified from the Olympia this year. The Olympia should be boycotted. Sent from my HTC6525LVW using Tapatalk
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    Cycle update. Input needed.

    First and foremost, I want to say, I just got back from getting my bloods done. So, I won't have those results until probably tomorrow. I want to give an update on my cycle right now and get some feedback because I do have some concerns. I am at the end of week 7, with week 8 starting Sunday...
  18. ibleedoranbla

    Blood work

    I know this has been discussed here but I can't find the thread. Does anyone know the name of the other lab besides privatemd that does the uncapped test and is cheaper than than private? Sent from my HTC6525LVW using Tapatalk
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    PSL test e replacement

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I received my replacement vial from PSL today. There is no sludge in the bottom of the vial this time. They shipped it on Friday, so they must have put a rush on it. They also sent me a little goodie bag of winny. Sent from my HTC6525LVW using Tapatalk
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    RIP ... way-at-36/ Sent from my HTC6525LVW using Tapatalk