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    Buy $100 of Pharma Grade products and get them for $75!

    This is not an April fool´s joke! Buy $100 of Pharma Grade products and get them for $75! No coupon code needed. Just valid until the end of April the 1st.

    New Year kind-of-Advent Calendar with great discounts

    Ho ho ho! Santa arrived to Hipo before we were expecting him hahahaha He came with a great New Year Calendar. We will be creating some offers everyday. Some of them will stay, some of them will dissapear after couple of days. If I were you, I would keep this link in my favourites and will...

    CONTEST: Do you want to get a 50% off in your next order?

    It´s been a while since I´m not creating a contest, isnt it? Let´s solve it right now :-) I´ll be running another great marathon on Sunday. Guess how long it will take me by answering in this thread. The 3 people that will get closer to my official results will get a 50% discount in their next...

    Customer service remind!

    Our customer not just rate our products as good to go. They usually also comment about our good customer service. Allow me to list here how you can contact us. By email. Dont hesitate contacting us by email at [email protected] or by sending the “Contact us” form in our site. If your email...

    Proviron Bayer 20% OFF!!

    Get this pharma grade amazing product in a special price during this week. Regular price per box: 19.00 USD Sale price: 15.20 USD (20% off) Get even a better deal when ordering bulk: 10 boxes: 136.80 USD (13.68 USD per box –extra 10% off–) 15 boxes: 182.40 USD (12.16 USD per box –extra 20%...

    About PCT!

    We all know how hard if for us to get our gains, how many weeks we need to workout, keep controlled the food intake for those weeks or months, rest in order to get our body in its best shape possible… not easy at all. Also we all may know how easy all those sacrifices can be vanished if we dont...

    Introducing: Affiliate program

    Let me introduce today our affiliate program and let me show you how it works. You can signup as our affiliate by clicking in this link: Just because you became one of us, 15 USD will be automatically added to your account. In your affiliate page you will...

    Happy New INSANE DISCOUNT, fast people!

    "Yeah, Happy New Year, Hipo, Happy New Year but WHAT ABOUT A DISCOUNT TO CELEBRATE IT?" So here you have it...! First 17 persons that will place an order over 250 USD will be allowed to use the coupon code "happyhipo17" that will give them 75 USD discount. It will be announced in all the...

    Crazy DECEMBER!

    Crazy December! A GREAT discount every two days... Buy 10 or more Proviron Bayer boxes and get a 50% discount!! Dont miss it and get Proviron Bayer box at 9.5 USD each box!! Just available until Sunday, December the 4th!

    Thanksgiving is coming. Our sales also!

    25% discount in all the pharma grade products No coupon code needed. Prices valid until November the 29th. All the Stoa Labs products at 39.00 USD No coupon code needed. Prices valid until November the 29th. Become affiliate and earn discounts by referring your gym mates!

    Testoa Stoa Labs blood work

    Hi A French customer has been using Testoa @ 500 mg/week and Stanasto 10 for 4 weeks. He did a blood work and he received this result: In my opinion they are great results. What do you think about them?!

    SUPER DEALS Hurry up!!

    I had created 4 very special packages in a plain price: 100 USD each one. That´s it. 5 units of each pack are available. JUST 5! Hurry up if you want to get them! Pack #1 Sustoa 250 x 2 vial's NandroStoa 300 x 2 vial's   Pack #2 Sustoa 250x 2 vial's Equistoa 200 x 2 vial's Pack #3 Sustoa...

    Proviron Bayer @12 USD/box JUST TODAY

    If you hadnt used this pharma grade Proviron you dont know what you are missing! Just for the next 24 hours you have the chance to buy it at 12 USD per box 20 boxes (400 tabs, 25 mg each) @ 240 USD here Dont miss it! PS.- Shipping will be done without the boxes, but with the...

    Hipocampus gear porn :-)

    Hi All the customers can take a picture of their packages and upload them to our gallery here: By doing this a 10% discount will be awarded!

    New brands discount

    Hi As you can notice in the site, some brands had been added in the last weeks. They all had been checked before adding them to the site. Most of them also have a verification code so you can check the authenticity when received. If you want to include any of this products, a minimum of 150...

    Bulking time. Auction time!

    As summer is about to end and bulking time arrived I would like to create an auction here: 12 weeks Advanced Bulking Cycle It includes 4 Testoa E250, 3 Nandrostoa 300, 100 Oxystoa 50 and 45 Aromasin tabs. The regular price for this product is a bit more than 600 USD shipping and banking...

    September promos

    Hi Holidays ended :-S and I had updated the Active Offer page. Allow me to jot them down here brieftly: 50 USD in store credit when reviewing our product and our services. 100 USD in store credit if you keep a log or post your bloods. 20% discount in Sustanon 300 by Atlas Pharma when buying...

    Special 20% discount!!

    Let the games begin! In honor to the 2010 Summer Olympic Games let´s celebrate the champion in YOU! For the next 72 hours, enter the coupon code below to receive 20% OFF ANY ORDER over 250 USD. Coupon code: RIO16 Hurry! Sale ends in 72 hours! Click below to order: ORDER NOW

    New products available and some news!

    Holidays are here! I´m sure you all agree with me when I said that staff earned a nice holidays period so allow me to inform you that we wont be shipping any package until August the 21st. HOLIDAYS coupon! By entering the coupon code HOLIDAYS you will get a 15% discount in all...

    Summer news!!

    New brands available! We have added to our site two new and AMAZING brands: Alpha Pharma and Atlas Pharma. Both of them have a great reputation after many years in the market. Both brands have now a 15% discount (by using the coupon codes ALPHAPHARMA and ATLASPHARMA) if the order is over 250...