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    Low prolactin

    Hi Dylan. I've searched everywhere online but cannot find an answer to this question. I've used cabergoline on cycle when I was running Deca, as my blood came back high prolactin. Unfortunately now my prolactin is rock bottom. I've finished that cycle and just wondered how to elevate my...
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    When to start pct after an Equipoise and test cycle.

    Hi Dylan. I'm running the course you advised as a good 2nd cycle. Tbol (1st 6 weeks) Eq and test cyp. I'm 8 weeks in so far. My question is when would I start pct after this? I'm going to run it the full 16 weeks as u advise but as eq has a long Ester should I wait 3 weeks after week 16? Or stop...
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    PCT to sarms

    Hi Dylan. First just wanna say thank you for all your videos I've watched nearly all of them and learnt so much. However one thing I'm not sure of. I've recently finished a test only cycle of 12 weeks. I'm 9 days into my pct of your recommendation.... Nolva, clomid, Mk2866 and gw50516. My...