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    Hcg question

    Does HCG come in pill form? I started TRT and my doctor wants me to take 200mg cyp, 1mg arimidex and 1 hcg pill a week. not sure of the strength on the hcg yet still waiting to get it. He wants me to take the arimidex and hcg on injection day. I usually took my arimidex eod and HCG was...
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    test result need help reading them

    Wow less than 24 hrs from giving blood to getting results. there is 4 things that are high should i be concerned.
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    looking for some advice

    Hi guys/gals, I am new to sarms and looking for some info. I am looking to start 5th cycle I just had lab work done today should have result in 2-3 days. I will post lab test when I get them. I am looking to do a recomp build some muscle and lose body fat. I have test cyp, and eq want to know...
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    new to the board

    I just wanted to say hi to everyone, looks like a great board with a lot of info, i'm happy to be here.