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    Dosage Recommendations

    Hi, Running a 12 week Ostarine, Rad 140, LGD 4033 What would be the optimum dosage and times of day for dosage for these? This is my third or forth cycle and currently on massing. Just wanting to dial in on the optimum amounts. Thanks
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    Liquidclomi PCT? PCT help please!

    Hey Dylan, Running an 8 week Rad140, Ostarine and LGD-4033 stack. What PCT would you recommend for 4 weeks? I was going to purchase GW and the LiquidClomi 50mg. What quantities would you recommend? Is this a good PCT stack? Thank you!!
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    lgd replacement?

    Hi, Looking to run a bulk with rad-140 / ostarine and used LGD previously but it seems to give me really really bad heartburn. Can you suggest a replacement for LGD on a 12 week bulk cycle that I can stack with the Ostarine and LGD? Thanks
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    Stack Advice please!

    Hi, Have run a few cycles of RAD140, MK677 and Ostarine but I think MK677 is causing me increased anxiety and I want to try another cycle without MK677. Any suggestions of a replacement or whether to just leave it out the cycle and stick with RAD and Osta? Will it effect results much if left...
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    Add Ostarine?

    Hi Dylan, I'm about to start my 4th cycle of MK677 and RAD140 and I have had great results so far. I'm now going to add Ostarine to the cycle. 1/ Do you think this is a good idea 2/ What difference in results would you expect to have if adding in the Ostarine. THanks as always. James
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    Rad 140 PCT

    Could use some advice on RAD140, I have been running for 12 weeks along MK-677 . I will now use a 4 week mini PCT of GW. My question is, should I continue to use the MK on the PCT? Also, I have been advised to take 4 weeks off completely after the PCT to give body a rest but at the same time I...
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    PCT and MK677 Help please

    Hi, I have been running a 9 week cycle of RAD140 and MK677 with great results and have gained 9 kg in that time from 92kg to 101kg. Really happy with the results. Finished the RAD140 today and so will now go onto a 4 week PCT of gw and clomid. My two questions are 1- Would you recommend to...
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    How long after PCT until I should start next SARM cycle

    Hi, I have been using a MK & RAD 10 Week cycle with great results and now running a clomid/gw PCT for 4 weeks. Am I good to go again with another MK/Rad immediately after or do I need to take time off after the PCT? Any sound advice appreciated. Thanks James
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    Mass to cut ??

    Hi, I put on 15lbs on last cycle of RAD140 and MK677 and have started my next cycle 2 weeks ago. I'm happy with the gains but I'm gaining too much belly fat. I think I should cut. What would work best? Stop the MK677 and replace with another Sarm? Which one? Any ideas would be appreciated on...
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    PCT for Rad 140 and MK 677

    Hi, Really new to this but need some advice on a RAD 140 MK 677 PCT for an 8 week cycle. Gained 15lbs and still 2 weeks left so want to keep as much as possible and recover ready for a longer 12 week cycle. Keep getting so much conflicting info. All I have is HCGenerate available at the...