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    mild supression/ED on MK-677 + RAD140 cycle

    Ok so i'm 5 weeks into my MK677+RAD140 cycle running MK677 at 20mg and RAD140 at 10mg ED. I know RAD can be mildly supressive but I was curious if there is anything i can do to help with ED. Since i met a new girl and it would be pretty awkward to explain my cycle to her and why i can't get it...
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    mk677 and nausea

    So it's been more than a week of taking MK-677 and i'm starting to feel more crappy every day in all honesty .. I have my diet in check and everything else sorted out but i get a lot nausea when i take my capsules .. I think i'm gonna stop taking them because it's making me more sick than doing...
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    MK 677 and uncontrollable hunger

    I just finished my first week on MK-677 and I know one of the side effects is increased hunger but is it normal that i sometimes feel that hungry that it feels like i haven't eaten in 2 days?? I literally feel very weak sometimes because my body feels starved from food.. The hunger keeps getting...
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    MK 677 + occasional junkfood

    Hello, i'm pretty new on this site so sorry in advance if i didn't post this thread in the correct way! I was wondering if it's okay to eat a pizza occasionally on MK-677? Because i don't want to bloat and I normally eat very clean with food that are rich of potassium etc but sometimes i just...