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    S4 vision side effects

    If running S4 and you start to experience the vision side effects known to happen, is it safe to say you probably have legit S4? This would be a great way to confirm if your source is legit or not.
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    Esarms S4 reviews

    Looking for some reviews from users currently on esarms S4 or just finished a 12 week cycle. Did u experience the vision issue? How many mg’s a day were u taking? Did it help with strength? Did it help with your cut? Plan to start a 12 week cycle in a few weeks and am curious of people’s...
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    Any reviews on

    I came across a company called that is supposedly an offshoot of Anyone have any info about them?
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    Esarms cardarine bottles came up short

    I bought Cardarine from esarms and just finished my first bottle. I only got 24 days from it using a 1ml syringe. I have 4 bottles left and all bottles had the same level of liquid inside. Anyone else have this issue?
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    E-sarms GW-501516 (CARDARINE)

    Planning to purchase some GW-501516 from e-sarms in the next few weeks. I had a few questions I was hoping could be answered by users who purchased from e-sarms. How many weeks before you started to feel the GW kick in? Did u actually get 30ml’s from the vial or was it more like 25,26,27,etc...
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    LGD and MK2866 PCT

    About to finish a 13 week LGD at 10mg & MK2866 at 25mg a day cycle. Looking for PCT advise. Was planning to run: Clomid - 50,50,50,25,25,25 GW at 10mg for 4 weeks Is the Clomid length and dose too much? Thanks guys
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    Time between taking Sarms and working out.

    Looking for some advise on taking Sarms before working out. I currently wake up at 5am and am at the gym by 5:30am. Is that enough time in between taking the Sarms and then working out? Or should I take it the night before I go to sleep? Roughly 10pm
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    PCT and the Flu

    Hey guys, Looking for some help. I’m one week into my PCT and I’ve been diagnosed with the Flu. Should I continue doing the PCT or wait until the Flu medicine is complete in 5 days? Thanks
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    Bloodwork after PCT

    How long after finishing a PCT should you wait before going for bloodwork?
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    Input on SARMs sites

    Looking for input on a few SARMs sites I tried. Gave me some mild results for first time cycle. Looking to purchase more in about 6 weeks. Looking to increase cycle length and quantity, just don’t want to spend a ton of money at a BS site. Sites used: Proven Peptides & Sarms4you. Any...