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    Moving On From Steroids To SARMS

    Hey Dylan, my goal is recomp and some test boost. I'm 51, 5'8", 255 lbs. I used Tren A/Test P/Mast P Blend with Var for 2 years. I lost 82 lbs using that stack but I haven't used in over a year and gained 30 lbs (>30% body fat) due to inactivity from injuries from a car accident. I'm good to go...
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    About to go on TRT + Var + Sibutramine... Is it ok to run Albuterol and T3 too?

    I'm about to go on TRT... here's my protocol: 150mg Testosterone Enanthate split in 2 weekly injections 250iu's HCG 2x a week .5 mg of Arimidex 2x a week I added these because I have weight to lose too... 30-40 mg Anavar per day 10-15 mg Sibutramine per day Is it okay to add Albuterol and...