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    Dosage dependent on how muscular you are..?

    I believe this is true but can someone confirm with more knowledge to put it in simple terms - a person with more lean muscle should be dosing more than a person with less lean muscle ? i.e. LGD recommended dose is 10mg. its probably a good idea for a 150lb person to take half this dose...
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    Tendon Pain

    Hello all I may have tendonosis or tendonitis on the tendon that attaches from the lateral head of the tricep to the elbow. Anyone healed from this that can offer some insight?
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    EBAY Ostarine - Hardcore Formulations - Legit?

    I got this SARM from eBay and I'm wondering of anybody else has heard of this brand or tried this SARM from them. Or any other SARMS from this source. Thanks.