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    Best workout log book?

    The book I use just went out of stock. I prefer the logs with pre printed areas to log exercise/weight/reps. Ect. The one I?ve used for 5 years is not being printed anymore. What is everyone?s favorite log book your using??
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    Help me build a cut plan

    Ok guys. I?m gonna try to do a serious cut which I?ve never really done aggressively. Here is what I have on hand. I?m open to suggestions and have funds to get whatever I need. Help me build a plan. TRT 50mg EOD GW RAD LDG MK2866 Anavar NPP Deca Dbol Phentermine Anastrozole Cialis
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    Mk-2866 compared to other sarms

    Guys I?ve ran LDG, RAD, GW, S4 but never MK. What can I expect from MK compared to those? My next sarms cycle, is this ton much? 12 weeks TRT GW 20mg RAD 20mg LDG 10mg MK 25mg two weeks then bump to 50mg. Thanks in advance
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    Cycle advice as my gym is opening 5/7/20

    Hey guys, I?m planning my next cycle as gyms are opening up here where I live. I?d like some feedback and suggestions. I?m on TRT and this probably my 5th cycle. Goals are lean bulking. 6?1. 42yrs 233lbs 16%bf Initial Plan 12 weeks. Test 200mg/week. -I?ve gotten to where this is all test I...
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    Gym Opening May 7

    Well my gym opening May 7. I think we may be one of first states to open. Got to wear mask, stay 6 ft apart, and wipe down equipment. They are asking us to book one hour workouts in advance. I?m really happy about it. We actually took family out to dinner last night. Wasn?t bad at all. Tables...
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    My Gym closed til further notice.

    Well it?s gym closed til further notice. Home gym here we go. I?ve got some basic equipment to make it work.
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    LDG, RAD, GW, w/ TRT WOW!

    Currently running my first real sarms stack. TRT, GW 25mg, RAD 25 mg, LDG 10mg I’ve ran AAS cycles in the past with a variety of compounds. I decided to run a sarms stack with my TRT and see what type of results I could get. I am absolutely blown away with the strength gain and size gains...
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    OS Gear review

    I received my OS gear today. Order was placed on 12/19/19 and received on 1/18/20. Everything was professionally packaged and all items were there. I ordered Ultima products and they appear very high quality. I have not used these products yet and cannot speak to that but the ordering process...
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    Caught my 16 year old nephew with SARMS

    Hey guys. So yesterday at thanksgiving my nephew let me know that him and his friend have been running SARMS. In fact its Fucking S23!! They told me confidence and both are having suppression issue. One of them can no longer get dick hard and other one has gyno in left breast. I basically had to...
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    Cholesterol repair

    Guys, my cholesterol got hit fairly hard on last cycle even running supports and GW. My daily cardio is good. I just finished 10 weeks of my TRT and RAD140 as a bridge. I was hoping my cholesterol would be better on end cycle labs but it wasn’t. I’ll be off everything for next several months...
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    My Test/Primo/Bold Cyp/Tbol cycle

    My cycle coming to an end and it’s had some great results as well as unexpected issues. Test 400 weeks 1-16 Primo 600 weeks 1-12 Bold Cyp 500 weeks 1-16 Tbol 40mg Last 4 weeks Pros Growth great with no unwanted water gain Low sides overall Fantastic strength gain First time using any oral and...
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    Mid cycle labs. Test Cyp 400 Primo depo 600 EQ Cyp 500 per week w/GW.

    Just got my mid cycle labs done. Everything came back good except my except my HDL was low. Total cholesterol was 176 with range of 100-199. I’ve ran GW with the cycle and bumped up the cardio to 6 days a week. Prior cycle cholesterol was 224 without GW. BP good Lean mass coming in nicely...
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    Meal prep companies??

    I started working with a local meal prep company to really get my macros dialed in. Between work, kids, and life it just made more sense. Does anyone recommend a meal prep company that delivers around the country?? I’m sure I’m gonna get the “I prep my own meals cause it’s cheaper” comments...
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    Sarms bridge recommendations

    To the moderators, Can you recommend a good bridge between AAS cycles. My sarms experience is low but I’ve ran several AAS cycles. I’m 2-3 months away from next cycle if pre-bloods come back good. I’m on a TRT dose of test now. 6’1 230lbs 14-15% bf. I bulked on last cycle which I made great...
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    Favorite prework combo

    Just thought I’d throw this out and see what everyone is liking theses days for prework. I recently started with: -Arez God of the gym + noxygen for added pump. This has been great as I like a good amount of stim with lots of pump. Recently saw a great new pump product that’s supposed to...
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    Umbilical hernia repair

    Well boys looks like I’m gonna have to have this repaired. Little frustrating as I’ve made some massive improvements over last 2.5 years. Probably gonna keep me off the weights for 6 weeks. I’m hoping to get back on elliptical after 3 weeks. I’m off cycle for next 4 months and running my TRT...
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    Cough after injection

    When I pinned Deca today I got the dreaded cough right after injection, within about 30 sec. This is second time I’ve had this happen and I know the cause. We always hear about this happening with Tren and I wonder with Deca being a Nandrolone could it cause this effect also. I’m really...
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    ephedrine Source

    Any of the reps carrying this?
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    IWGF delivers!!!

    Big thank you to IWGF. Received my first order. Placed order May 25 and received May 31. Incredible!! Prompt response on multiple questions being first order. Can’t speak on quality of gear yet but if it’s as good as the service then WOW!! Thank you IWGF
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    NPP to nandrolone decanoate during cycle

    Question for the group. I’ve ran nandrolone decanoate twice. Once for 12 weeks and second for 14 weeks. Both at 400mg along with test Cyp at 400mg. I’d like to use NPP on next cycle to get things going a little quicker. My question is can I move to the decanoate ester at some point and drop...