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    Blood Work

    Below is blood work I had done before the start of a test C cycle. Any thoughts are encouraged Cholesterol 178 mg/dL Triglyceride 41 mg/dL HDL 64 mg/dL LDL 106 mg/dL Chol/HDL (Rr-1) 2.8 Glucose 86 mg/dL Urea Nitrogen 15 mg/dL Creatinine 0.9 mg/dL EGFR...
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    Test Boosters

    Are there any good test boosters that are legit? Any recommendations would be appreciated.
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    Blood Tests

    I read awhile ago someone suggest privatemdlabs for testing I can't remember which test was recommended.
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    Can someone please enlighten me on the use of Armidex. I came across it on How does is differ from Nolva?
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    New to YK11 and S23

    Hello all. Looking to try either S23 or Yk11. I would like to stack one of these or both of them with rad, s4, or mk2866. 32 years old 6'3" 208lbs 14% BF. I have done 8 cycles of sarms 6 of those being different stacks. My body has responded well to all of them so far including building S4 to...