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    Detection times

    Can the detection times of steroids change depending on the length of the cycle. For example, we know running Deca, most run it anywhere from 10-14 weeks, the detection time can be as high as 18 months. If you ran Deca, let's say at 6-8 weeks, would the detection time be less than 18 months? I'm...
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    Anyone know the detection times of GW and sr9009? How long does it stay in your system?
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    Cycle for MMA fight

    Two things. The cycle doesn't have to be long. 6 weeks is enough, or 8 at most. Need compounds that don't last long in the body, so for example, Deca is out. You don't want excruciating pumps. Last thing you need in a fight is for your arms to get pumped or lower back. Also, keep in mind there...
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    Sexual enhancement products

    These products have been dropped from sarmsforsale.
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    SubQ vs intramuscular

    Like most, while on TRT, my hematocrit and hemoglobin rises. This causes me to have to donate blood. I was taking one intramuscular injection a week, but switched to subQ. I have a friend who started doing 3 small subQ injections during the week. After a month he had his blood checked and his...
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    MMA Fighter Randy Couture

    FYI, former UFC champ Randy Couture suffered a heart attack while training. While doing his normal workout routine he found he couldn’t finish it, had trouble breathing, and didn’t feel himself. He walked to the hospital and once examined they advised he was having a heart attack! Reason...
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    Wanted to get some feedback. I started TRT in my 40’s using Androgel. My PSA when I started TRT was around 1.3. Once I started the gel my PSA started to slowly rise to 1.6, 2.0, 2.1, etc. I knew testosterone can cause inflammation or irritation to the prostate so I wasn’t concerned. Then after...
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    Sweet spot Masteron

    Since Dylan's vid is down I figured I'd ask on a new thread. I'm thinking of doing Test Cyp, Deca and Masteron for my next cycle. 350mg of both Test and Deca. What is a good dose for Masteron? 400mg? I thought I saw RickRock mention he was a fan of this particular cycle or Masteron in general?
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    Best Oral for Athletic Performance

    In June I'm going to up my TRT dose to 300-350 along with Deca at the same dose of 300-350 a week. I'm contemplating adding an oral such as Winstrol, T-bol, Anavar, etc. (Maybe Anadrol). This is strictly for athletic performance purposes. I'm looking for added strength, explosion with as...
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    Therapeutic Phlebotomy

    I am at the point now that even when I donate blood every 56-60 days my hematocrit and hemoglobin are still high. Been like that for the last year. Just recently gave blood and a week later my TRT doc sent me for blood work. My hemoglobin was 18.1. The high end of normal on Labcorp is 17.7...
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    Liquid vs oral d-bol and Anadrol

    Anybody have insight on the the effectiveness of liquid d-bol and Anadrol vs oral? Are strength gains basically the same? Any significant differences? I've only had experience with the oral version.
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    Dianabol question

    Going to hit a judo tourney. Upping my TRT to 300mg a week. Want to kick in d-bol. How many mg per day? 3-4 week sufficient to see significant strength gains? Haven’t done an oral in prob 35 yrs
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    Thinking about a small cycle

    I saw JackSteel make a post stating he was using minuscule doses of anabolics, and said he was seeing much more vascularity, etc. I was thinking of doing something similar at a higher dosage rate. The goal for me (54 yrs, still training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/weight training) is more for athletic...
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    Estrogen level changes

    This is weird. I'm on TRT 200 mg a week, 1 mg of arimidex a week. Last August 2016 I took a blood test and my estrogen came back 5.5 which is very low. Apparently I'm not as estrogen sensitive as others. So, I started to take the arimidex less frequently. However, the compounding lab started to...
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    Need feedback

    I'm on TRT 200 mg a week. I just recently came off a Test 200 mg and deca 200 mg for 12 weeks. I then went back on my TRT dose, but actually lowered it to 140mg a week. Now, I go to give blood and my hemoglobin was 15.1. After giving blood that should have knocked my level down to around 13...
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    Test + Anastrozole mix for TRT

    I'm a little tee'd off. I've been on TRT 200 mg cyp for about two years now. My test on that dose is around 1200-1250, a little high but Doc said if no side effects he doesn't have a problem with it. Anyway he has me on 1mg of Anastrozole (Arimidex) a week in pill form. I am not estrogen...
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    Who had a torn pec?

    Just curious. My son tore his pec training BJJ about 1 1/2 or so ago. He said it was the most intense pain he ever felt and believe me he has a high pain tolerance. It hurt to turn a door knob. Long story short he was diagnosed with a torn pec by my ortho. We chose no surgery, unless he got...
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    Question for small cycle

    Just to refresh I am 53 yrs old, already in shape. Haven't cycled in 30 yrs. On TRT 200 mg a week. I got my hands on some deca. I'm thinking of doing a small 12 week cycle of my Test and adding deca. So, something like keeping my test around 200-300mg and deca the same for 12 weeks. Once done...
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    Roxi Lab and Pro Lab

    Curious if anyone has heard of or used one or both of these labs? Thanks