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    Bloodwork 3-14 high estradiol help

    Recently did bloodwork and estradiol is at 57.3. Cant figure out how to attach a picture from my phone but Long story short... 300mg test cyp cycle for 14 weeks. Aromasin 12.5 mg eod throughout cycle. Waited to weeks after last pin to start pct. clomid 50/50/25/25 nolva 40/20/20/20 and aromasin...
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    Starting 2nd cycle soon

    Hey guys, I am going on my second cycle soon and I want to make sure I have everything covered. My first cycle was 400mg test cyp a week and that was it. Went through PCT and everything is good. Got bloods done post cycle and I just got them done again last week. I'll be running Valhalla 16...
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    Hail Valhalla (gear porn)

    So my order came last week but I haven't had any time to post the goods. Super fast shipping AND an extra vial of test cyp included, which was a great surprise. Can't wait!
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    Shout out to the NYs

    This is just a quick shout to NY ROBO and Miss NY being so friendly and flexible with my latest order. I wanted a blend of EQ and test and they honored the price that was given before the change. Communication was quick and easy. Very very good people and I cant wait to get the gear!
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    Which Pharmamix for 2nd cycle

    Hi Guys, I am prepping to go on a second cycle some time in the near future and need your opinions. My first cycle was a standard test only cycle and it was great. I made some good gains in size and strength and now want to add something else into the mix besides test. I figure the easiest and...
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    Anybody have sleep apnea?

    So this has been mentioned to me for a few years but I've been putting it off because I didn't think it was a big deal. I still have to go get a sleep study done but my doctor said my septum is deviated and resembles in S instead of straight so my breathing sucks. Also, my throat canal is too...
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    First week of cycle

    Hello everyone... I just finished my 2nd pin of the week of 150 mg Test Cyp. My first one was Sunday night and I took about a half hour to look into pinning thoroughly and then another 30 minutes being hesitant about pinning haha I eventually manned up and pinned and it was smooth as butter. I...
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    Looks like I have low T

    In preparing for my first test cycle I went and got some blood work done yesterday and received the results this morning. I have been on a cycle of my-2866 and GW but I doubt that has suppressed me THAT much. My test serum was 298 w a range of 348-1197 Ng/dl. I have noticed symptoms of low T...
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    Pharma Lady Gear and Pinning

    I received my order last week lightning quick and just ordered some pinzzz. Going to get bloodwork done this thursday and I plan to start my first test cycle the first of June or the first monday so I can pin monday and thursday. I am going to be running 300mg Test cyp a week along with the mk...
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    Adding Test to SARMS

    Hello everyone! Today marks my 4th week of running my first SARMS cycle consisting of MK-2866 and GW. I have been happy with the results thus far knowing that I still have 8 weeks left to go. After much back and fourth I have decided to add Test for my first cycle. I would only like to add Test...