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  1. TheIronGainsta

    How to correctly inject 2iu of hgh?

    Ok I have gotten my hgh and ordered diabetic 50unit syringes from reading and well looking at the 50 unit pin i assumed every mark was a unit so I draw to the 2nd line (looks like barely anything) and inject i figure 2iu a day out of a 10iu vial should be 5 days each vial I'm past 5 days and...
  2. TheIronGainsta

    Pharmalady TOUCHDOWN!!

    Got my order today went with the fastest option and it was WORTH IT ! GOT IT FAST! we talking like 3 or 4 days from actual day if shipment u cannot beat that ! I did have a few worries when I checked the status and it came up as "shipment on hold" but later discovered that is jst what they mark...
  3. TheIronGainsta

    First run of hgh...need advice

    I've ran cycles now for like 10 years almost but never hgh now that I'm 38 and I hear it can reverse aging in some ways and improve overall well being as well as well..GAINS! lol i wanna try it but I have done alotta research and opinions vary as well as dosage and period of time on it ...
  4. TheIronGainsta

    Hgh frag opinions and experiences

    I've ran cycles for years always been weary and not really wanting to do hgh due to enlarging organs and what not but I'm curious about hgh frag for fat burning anyone can speak on it from experience or give me some advice on beginners dosages and if it's worth it ??
  5. TheIronGainsta

    Hammer anabolics cycle 2 wk update

    Ok went all in on hammer and running a cycle... Test e tren e anadrol & Provi first getting the oral the anadrol was in 50ml bottles 25mg a ml tasted horrible but felt like it worked! But was it my mind maybe? Sheer excitement? 2weeks later now... Feeling a tad bit more horny i wld definitely...
  6. TheIronGainsta

    Hammer anabolics pretty good stuff!

    Ok i got some hammer anabolics gear and just started my cycle test-e/tren-e/anadrol/provi ...sent payment on saturday recieved fast as hell on wenesday! Great prices ! I wont lie i was a lil hesitant due to past experience of ordering then dude disapeared thought i got ripped off but he came...
  7. TheIronGainsta

    Best dosage for a deca/npp blend..test blend dbol cycle?

    Ran a few cycles been doing gear about 5-6 years but.. Never ran npp... Also never had ampules so i cannot do half a ml or anything once snapped i have to draw the whole My test is 400mg per ml blend of 100mg of all 4 tests... My deca npp blend is 200 deca 75 npp per ml and 10mg...
  8. TheIronGainsta

    Npp vs deca?

    Ive been running cycles for years.. My 2 favorites are tren anadrol and test ill throw in provi too keeps my face lean n bloat down.. My most favorite for feeling like a 18 year old joints feel brand new and gains are insane is deca test and dbol... Also i do add provi in that as well... But...