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  1. drb_iac

    Newbies-welcome bros-please answer before posting

    Before you post and tell us about your supplements, or ideas on cycles,sarms,stacks,or individual steroids please answer these question first.First before anything else.Once we know who you are and what you are trying to achieve, then we can better help you. We get posts about cycles and do not...
  2. drb_iac

    The family who works out

    Men who workout with their sons always know where they are. Moms who workout with their daughters always know where they are too. who is mom and who is daughter??? Fugggg me!!
  3. drb_iac

    Mercury in fish

    Mercury toxicity Nearly all fish contain trace amounts of methyl mercury, some more than others. In areas where there is industrial mercury pollution, mercury levels in the fish can be quite elevated. In general, however, methyl mercury levels for most fish are very low. However, certain...
  4. drb_iac

    Tuna and Water...Again!

    Oh my dear I am writing about the tuna and water diet. Well you all know that my diet is spot on. Cheerios for breakfast, hotdogs for lunch and a frozen Hearty Man Dinner for -- you guessed it -- dinner. I like Coke, don’t you? We joke. Can you imagine? Most people eat that way, give...
  5. drb_iac

    My thursday ramble

    I know that you younguns just love to hear the old man ramble, and I saw that Zeke revealed that I was really Hercules. He forgot to mention that he and jake were scared shitless of me for almost a whole week after seeing me bend the horseshoes, the iron bar and the gun. LMAO everytime I hear...
  6. drb_iac

    The dreaded D&D

    Not that I am in a bad mood or anything, actually I am in a good one! I did some TNE and went and beat the living shit out of the iron. What I do see and hear a lot about are the dreaded double D's.... discouragement and disappointment. We need to discuss bros...and No, I’m not kidding and you...
  7. drb_iac

    Test in every cycle?

    NO! If you watched 60 minutes last night and saw how the Russian Gov administered steroids to it's women track runners and men in shotput and weightlifting, you can see that it all depends on what you are trying to achieve. A sprinter can run faster on a 6 week run of 25mg winstrol per day. A...
  8. drb_iac

    Tuna and Water-revisited

    I often get asked what kind of diet I am on, and the answer is always,"depends upon what I am trying to achieve". It is kind of like what we do with cycles. If I am bulking I will add about 600 calories and use what I call concentrated carbs. These are the starches, oats, sweet potatoes,cream of...
  9. drb_iac

    Get your goals together and get to the gym

    When I was a young man, I did what young men do. I tore into the gym, greeted the iron with a nod and a tug and proceeded to kick it, beat it, bite it and heave it across the floor. It was a fierce encounter, a gory scene, a rowdy confrontation, a bloody mess. I worked hard, the iron persisted...
  10. drb_iac

    post from 1 year ago-PIP

    I am just re-posting about pip info. I still see some pip questions,so maybe this will help.
  11. drb_iac

    Oral anabolic steroids

    If you are 25 years old or younger avoid all steroids,especially orals. If you are 25 to 99 avoid oral only steroid cycles. If you are still living then maybe avoid orals period! There is not one perfect looking physique that I desire at the expense of my health. I cannot emphasize how far...
  12. drb_iac

    Hey you..over 40...spring has sprung

    April has a nice ring to it, a sweet sound, chimes in a faint breeze. Girls named April are automatically cute -- cover girls, centerfolds and starlets. Warm showers from blue skies come to mind, songbirds and spring flowers, shorts and T-shirts, long days and a convertible with the top down...
  13. drb_iac

    About cholesterol part2

    Anyone with a pulse has heard the horror stories about cholesterol. In fact, we are led to believe that cholesterol is one of the evils responsible for the pause or cessation of that pulse when we least expect it.In other words DEAD! Most of the medical world claims cholesterol attaches itself...
  14. drb_iac

    Lift to live. Lift to live long

    What do I want to say to you folks today? Those of you in your late 30's,40's, 50's? I am not sure exactly what I want to tell you so I just pluck away at my keyboard like a hungry rooster. Eventually I give up and head for the gym. This is done, of course, with a grand invitation amid my...
  15. drb_iac

    My latest cycle is ending

    I know you won't believe this, but ol drb did some trenE this cycle. I did my always- 200cyp,250sus,200deca and went with 150 trenE. The whole thing was 14 weeks. I dropped from 8%bf to 7% and put on 3lbs. Strength was really good. I was also taking gw and my cardio was awesome. I did bloods and...
  16. drb_iac

    About cholesterol-Part 1

    Hello my dear brothers, and sisters too now I see! I hope everyone is making progress toward their goals, and remember we do not ever give up the fight. Sometimes the iron wins and sometimes we win! I wanted to add some info that is important for all of us, and we all have it.Plus there is way...
  17. drb_iac

    advice on sarms for an anger patient

    Hey bros..hope all is well. As you may or may not know, I had 4 sons from the time I was 20 to 30. Then nearly 20 years latter along come another. This youngest has anger problems and a quick temper along with aspergers syndrome. I know he reads this forum and I am sure he knows that his big...
  18. drb_iac

    Ayurvedic Medicine

    This very ancient system of medicine from the east is based on prevention rather than curing as we do in the west. It is way more complex than throwing herbs together. I am posting this link where you will find the very best there is. I know quite a few of the people there, and they use only...
  19. drb_iac

    Will we take iron to the grave

    My dear bros: There comes a time in every iron head's life when he must review his passion for the iron, its worth and the toll it's taking on his body, mind and time. He, or she, is usually bedridden by this point, and spoon-fed, but lucid enough to tell the attendant to put another five on...
  20. drb_iac

    Spring Break

    Yikes...spring is on the way! Time to get to the gym and start buffing up. More bouts of split routines, losing bodyfat from the winter mass building, all in the preparation for spring, ..overcoming yet another growth plateau... gag. Why can't I just take a pill... have a treatment... hire...