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    Federal pharma

    Sent from my SGH-T999 using Tapatalk Green tops=Boom! Communication is second to none Delivery was almost light speed Looking forward to running this. Dont hesitate to order from this source!
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    Robolics New Year

    2017 starting out great! Sent from my SGH-T999 using Tapatalk
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    Hey guys just letting everybody know I've been given the opportunity to rep for Robolics. Ever since I first joined evo several years ago I've seen nothing but great reviews on this lab. Bloodwork has always shown the gear is on point. And as a customer I was impressed by the prompt...
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    Robo meets Watson

    Phurious on the back end of this run once he simmers down, lol. Looking forward to his tri tren and winny. We all know Robo's re putation so this should be fun. Top quality gear here boys:) 20160823_212737.jpg
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    switching ai's

    So I'm on adex prescribed for Trt. Pretty estrogen sensitive. Dylan suggested using aromasin instead, which I think most people prefer anyway. Just wondering if my Dr would notice I switched when I do bloodwork? I'm thinking no but would like some input. He claims the adex helps raise...
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    More bang for your buck!

    Got my pack today. It was available on Friday but I was out of town. 7 days from when she got my order till it arrived, pretty damn good for international! I am VERY impressed with her packaging and how secure she makes everything. I am even more impressed with the total value she gives. With...
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    Email suggestions

    So my safe mail account was shut down with that whole investigation or whatever it was that really happened there. Just wanted some opinions on which providers were actually "safe" to use. I would really appreciate any suggestions guys. Thanks
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    Checking out the new board

    Im happy to see some familiar faces. Really enjoying some of the sections, especially the recipe threads. Keep up the good work guys!