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  1. sweetnspicy

    PHURIOUS SALE!!! – Turn Your Tax Return Into Muscle!

    Tax Return Sale * 10% off all orders over $400 * 20% off all orders over $600 Contact SweetnSpicy or TestDude63 with any questions or information on ordering.
  2. sweetnspicy

    Happy birthday to….

    I wanted to wish a very special man happy birthday today. He is a good friend and an inspiration to many of us. Let’s make an old man feel appreciated and wish JM750 a happy 52nd birthday. .......... Sorry I called you an old man and told them your age sweetheart. I just couldn’t help myself...
  3. sweetnspicy

    Last day to get your phurious raffle tickets!!!!

    Today is your last chance to get your raffle tickets to get in on this Phuriously awesome contest!! Here’s how it goes… You pay for your tickets. (I'll supply you with the information once you have decided to purchase.) • 5 tickets for $25 • 10 tickets for $40 • 25 tickets for $80 • 40 tickets...
  4. sweetnspicy

    Great Incentive to Have Blood Work Posted!!

    It has been brought to our attention that we don’t have people posting up their blood work after using our outstanding products. Now we know that this is a matter of privacy and that not everyone is comfortable sharing, but it does help show that we have the highest quality product out there and...
  5. sweetnspicy

    Who Are The Ladies??

    Ok, I can usually tell by the screen name who is a chick and who's not, but there are times I totally get it wrong. I want to know who are the real women of AR. I think we need to really get this group going and make a name for ourselves. I want AR to be the place where women go to. So WHO ARE...
  6. sweetnspicy

    Upping My Gains Game!! How Do Your Do It?

    With some recent changes in my life I'm trying to turn everything around the right way and make the best out of it. What I would like to know is what everyone does for their routines at the gym. I'm talking, what do you do each day of the week? What areas do you hit and when? I'm going to get...
  7. sweetnspicy

    Compound Exercises vs Isolation Exercises

    Obviously, there are two major classes of weight lifts: compound exercises and isolation exercises. A compound exercise works multiple muscle groups simultaneously and isolation exercises, on the other hand, target just one muscle group. How do you prefer to workout? I admit that I do some...
  8. sweetnspicy

    Phurious - november pay-it-forward promo

    Hello AR Family, It’s November and we have a new deal going on at PHURIOUS PHARMA. With Thanksgiving coming in just a few weeks we are going to show our thanks by helping you give. For every order over $300 that you make you will get 10% of and also get one free vial of your choice to send to an...
  9. sweetnspicy

    What Does Your Screen Name Mean?

    Some of you have very obvious reasons for the screen names that you picked, but others I wonder about so lets hear about the meaning behind the name. What does your screen name mean? Why did you pick it?
  10. sweetnspicy

    New Phurious Pharma Policies

    Hello AR Family, Phurious Pharma is making some changes that we want to make sure you are all aware of. We have had such great success that we have had to make a change in our policies on how we conduct business so that we may better serve our current and future customers. We are always happy...
  11. sweetnspicy

    The Decision Has Been Made! Welcome Our 2nd New Rep…

    I have to start off by saying that this was one of the most difficult tasks that I’ve had to do. Even though we are all just fake names on a forum I truly do consider many of you good friends. When making the choice of who to bring on as the 2nd new rep for Phurious Pharma I made a pro’s & con’s...
  12. sweetnspicy

    Knee Problems!! AAHHHH

    My right knee has always given me problems. (I had surgery on it when I was 13.) The last few days it has been particularly sore. I never felt like I had hurt it. No pop or tear. I went to the doctor and of course I’ll be having a MRI, but he’s pretty sure that I have a tear in my meniscus. And...
  13. sweetnspicy

    Welcome MasterMolnar As One Of The Two New Phurious Pharma Reps!!!

    Hello Everyone, We are happy to announce that we have decided to bring on two new reps at Phurious Pharma. MasterMolnar will be starting off today if you have any question or inquiries feel free to PM him at any time. He has a lot of firsthand experience with our products and we are confident he...
  14. sweetnspicy

    New Playlist Time

    Hi All, It is time again with the change in the seasons to also change up my playlist. I'm getting a little sick of listening to the same songs as I workout so this weekend I'm getting my iTunes all ready. I need some impute on good stuff to listen to that really makes you want to kill it at the...
  15. sweetnspicy

    How Sick Before You Miss A Day At The Gym?

    So obviously I’m sick. You would think after all of this time of working in the little petri dish they call a school that I would be immune to most things by now, but sadly I’m not. My question for you is this, how sick do you have to be before you are willing to miss a day at the gym? I missed...
  16. sweetnspicy

    Phurious Pharma September Sale

    I’m letting this out early because I just can’t stop myself. Make sure you take advantage of this deal while we have it. I don’t know how long it will last. 25% off all Tren Products 33% off all Mast Products
  17. sweetnspicy

    A Heads Up for You Phurious Pharma Fans...

    I just wanted to let you all know that summer is officially over for me. Tomorrow is the first real day back to teaching. That being said, if you are looking for lists or have any questions I'm still available, but only by email during school hours in most cases. (The school has a block on all...
  18. sweetnspicy

    Get it While You Can.

    In case you haven't noticed the 5 for $150 is only for the TEST e and Test prop. Get them while you can folks!! -WHILE SUPPLIES LAST- TESTOSTERONE PROPIONATE 100mg - 5 for $150 TESTOSTERONE ENANTHATE 200mg - 5 for $150
  19. sweetnspicy

    Truth with Blood/Plasma Donation??

    Ok, so I tried to donate plasma today. It was my first time. I’ve donated blood before, but never plasma. Anyhow, it took over 45 minutes for all of the first time questions and everything. It turned out that I have to wait to donate for a stupid reason (I had gestational diabetes when I was...
  20. sweetnspicy

    CAN'T Sleep, I NEED HELP!!

    So I have had trouble sleeping for about six weeks now. I'll lay in bed for at least 4-5 hours before actually falling asleep and even then I don't sleep well. It has gotten to be a real problem and I can't find anything that works. The night before last I took 3 Benadryl and an Ambian at 8:30pm...