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    Shelf life of multi dose vial

    I've heard that the general rule is that an opened/punctured vial should not sit for more than 28 days; whatever is left over should be discarded after that mark. Would that hold true for a vial of test e? Should a partially used up vial be discarded rather than sit on the shelf for a few months?
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    China banning production of raw materials

    There has been some talk circulating the internet about the Chinese government stopping the production and export of raw materials for sarms and steroids. I can see this being a bad deal since a lot of raw materials come from China. Does anybody know more on this topic? I am a little concerned
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    Why is youtube a big piece of shit

    For the 3rd time, the special ed graduates of youtube decided to be sacks of shit. Again. Dylan's channel was a great source of information and I don't see any rules being broken
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    First cycle test e

    I will be starting my first aas cycle here soon. I plan to run test e at 350 mg/week for 12 weeks. With this being my first aas cycle, I have no idea how my body reacts to test and how much I aromatize. My question is: should I take an ai from day 1? Or wait until I get mid cycle bloods to...
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    Sarms and synergy with testosterone

    Are sarms synergistic with testosterone? Or do the effects of the test drown out the effects of the sarms
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    Desensitizing to cardarine

    I have run 2 cycles 12 week cycles of cardarine, with an 8 week break in between. I absolutely love this compound. My question is, will your body start to build a tolerance and possibly desensitize itself to cardarine (or any other PED for that matter) after each successive cycle?
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    Cbbram/peak performance

    I would like to give a HUGE thanks to Cbbram and Peak performance. Cbbram is very responsive and helpful. The ordering and arrival of the product was extremely fast. Will definitely be ordering from these people again
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    Importing pct drugs

    Does u.s. customs seize packages containing pct drugs such as nolva, clomid, or aromasin?
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    Male enhancement

    Can anybody source some alprostadil? Also commonly known as caverject
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    Clean bulking with sarms

    I am planning on starting a rad-140 cycle here soon. My goals for this cycle are to clean bulk. My question is: would it be beneficial to do intermittent fasting while on this cycle? Or would it potentially limit the effects of the drug? Intermittent fasting has worked tremendously for me while...
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    Survey for test users

    I have heard a few stories about people having erectile dysfunction after a test only cycle. Although an overwhelming majority of test users do not report having this issue, assuming proper pct protocols are followed, I still would like more opinions on this subject. If you have run a test only...
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    Break between cycles

    I am currently running cardarine gw501516 and stenabolic sr9009 for general fat loss. I am running at a caloric deficit. I am wanting to run rad 140 after this cycle. My question is if it is recommended to take a break before starting the rad cycle. I chose not to stack rad with the fat loss...
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    Effectiveness of steroids and sarms

    Dylan, Are steroids, specifically testosterone, less effictive at higher body fat percentages? Does body fat composition also affect sarms, specifically rad 140? Thank you so much for what you do. I am subscribed to your youtube channel and I absolutely love your videos and all the work you...