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    Your new SARMS sponsor! SARMS4Sale

    Welcome to the forum and keen to try them :)
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    Is Cardarine or Stenabolic better for cutting?: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    That sucks man he'll eith YouTube doesn't even know what's good for it
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    Dylan Gemelli Censored!: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Wtf your videos were the best out there and where i got sll my info from but now this, someone has to pay! You have all our support bro
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    take it in the mornings you cant go wrong man
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    M1mk question

    Soon I'll be using m1mk and cardizol and after reading about this I'm excited to start it shortly
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    Cutting Stacks

    Jump on the website man it's the ultra cutting stack
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    Kidney pains/ Lower back

    I'll be trying to get my money back if I was you man as you got trash sarms. Can't believe these websites are out there scamming people ffs
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    Cutting Stacks

    That's a really good cutting stack above. I'm going to jump on the same cycle soon.
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    RAD 140 Cycle

    awesome work man in what you have achieved for yourself
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    Run it for 12 weeks man you cant go wrong
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    Kidney pains/ Lower back

    Sorry to say man but your source is the worst source ever as there not even real sarms
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    Sarm cycles

    Your going to be disappointed my man but proven peptides are a horrible source. You better ask for your money back
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    Why am I not able to send PMs??

    Ive sent a few Pm's but not sure if there actually sent and received on the other end
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    cycle Suggestion

    Don't trust anything from them as there a shocking source man
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    Cycles and fertility long term

    thats for clearing that up man but is there still a chance that if you run a sarms only cycles it may hinder your fertility long term eventually ? unless you dont abuse it and do the correct pct ?
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    Cycles and fertility long term

    Sorry to Jack your thread but will running multi sarms cycles also effect you having kids in the future if you started from your early 30s ?
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    Real rad140?

    sorry to tell you man but that website isnt a proven source. Best is to stop taking it as you dont even know if its real rad140. best to get your sarms from
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    SARMS Bulking Cycles: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    That's a awesome video and im sure a lot of people were waiting for, thanks man :)
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    Zero sex drive and libido

    even tho he ran a test only cycle and on his 5th cycle, can these similar side effects also happen with a sarms cycle as the more you do it? or shouldnt if you run the proper pct and do bloodwork before, pre and post man ?